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12 Netflix Tips That Every Subscriber Should Know

Netflix Tips

If you have an account, you need to save these 12 Netflix tips that every video platform subscriber should know about. The list runs from keyboard shortcuts to the feature that selects movies and saves you time when choosing. Also, check out mobile apps and other trivia.

  • See everything always in HD

Netflix offers streaming of movies and series in HD, but it is common for a plugin used by the service, Silverlight, to reduce image quality when the connection is slow. However, you can set your account to always display HD broadcasts through your plan settings.

  • Delete movie history

If you are one of those who does not like to leave their registered steps, know that in Netflix this is possible. In September 2014, the platform launched a feature that allows you to delete watched movie history. To do this, simply access “My activity” in your profile on the site.

  • Use keyboard shortcuts on your PC

Did you know that it is possible to control playback, audio, and screen size through keyboard commands on the computer keyboard? There are 16 shortcuts that allow you to control volume, function, pause and even give special commands, like managing streaming videos without using the mouse.

  • Recommend movies to friends

If you liked some movie or TV series that you just saw, you can recommend it to your friends. So far, the feature is only available for Facebook and for Netflix on Android.

  • Use the trick of the remote control

A sequence of 12 commands on the remote control can help solve locking problems. With “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, up, up, up, up”, about six to eight common errors are fixed ( ). The curious command unlocks the login screen and lets you re-use Netflix on your Smart TV.

  • Create a child profile

If you wish to have a special channel for your child, it is possible. Netflix allows you to create a profile specifically geared towards children, with suggestions of titles according to their age.

  • Hide Facebook History

If you do not want to share the movies and series you see on Netflix on social networks, you can hide your Facebook account history. You can still choose whether you want to hide all videos already watched or select only a few of them to not show on your Timeline.

  • Change the font size and font

Do not like the format of Netflix subtitles? Learn how to modify font settings and adjust serifs and size, for example. The best way to do it is through the browser on your computer.

  • Overthrow the slickers’ access

We often use the service at friends’ homes or other people’s computers and tablets and forget to get out of the account, which can be a hindrance when trying to watch the next video on your device. To avoid this, you can break down access on all devices at once.

  • Follow the speed index

Every month Netflix releases the speed ranking of Internet providers. This allows you to track the speed index that, since September 2014, is led by Live Tim.

  • Use the “My List”

The My List tool allows the user to pre-select the movies they want to watch later, overwriting some automatic suggestions from the site that may not really matter.

  • Bet on movie roulette

If you are one of those who gets lost in choosing a movie in the midst of so many possibilities, Netflix Roulette can be a great and fun help. The feature is a very simple web application that selects movies for you, saving you time when choosing which movie you are going to see.

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