Alex Kingston reveals about her presence in Gilmore Girls

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Gilmore Girls is all over the news these days and more and more surprises are coming up day by day and it is building up the excitement. The news is Alex Kingston is going to be in Gilmore Girls.

The news came during an announcement made at Supercon in Miami by actress, “The Doctor who” actress confessed that she will be playing a part in a number of revival episodes. Not just a bit part but enough part to her presence in Netflix TV’s next Gilmore Girls. Kingston will be sticking around the Gilmore Girl’s revival for an extended period. But who will she play in the show is still unknown but her role will be memorable one.

Moreover, she will be starring on screen with Rory herself, Alexis Bledel whom she spoke about fondly during the interview. She also revealed that her character was “eccentric” and she would be coming in multiple episodes but she didn’t spoke about any other character especially Bledel .We can assume that the two of them are in more than few scenes together. Download Netflix app to enjoy the show on your TV screen.

Kingston also mentioned that the scenealexkingston - netflixcomactivates she shot were not in Stars Hollow (aka, The Warner Bros. lot in LA) but some other location. Considering that Kingston is generally a London-based actress that means big things for Rory and for revival. If we look back who else was in London during the seven seasons of Gilmore Girls That’s right Logan! There’s a possibility that she could play someone working with Logan’s father’s newspaper.

After all these assumptions all we can do is sit, relax and wait for the four new episodes. All these hints refer to her significant presence in the show. To know when show is going to go on air visit www Netflix com.