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Netflix Now Streams TV Series In Better Audio Quality

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Netflix Com Activate

Does your TV series sound a lot better? That is correct because Netflix has announced that it will switch to better audio quality. These are films and series that are suitable for 5.1 surround sound and Atmos. Netflix has always brought exciting changes to its platform for enhancing the content watching experience of users. The […]


How To Delete The Search History Of Netflix And YouTube

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History Of Netflix

On Netflix and YouTube, you can very easily delete your viewing history, so that you will no longer be chased by that one worthless series in the ‘Further viewing’ list. You can also delete your search history on YouTube. Handy when you want to keep something secret from your friends. In this tip, we explain […]

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Seven Netflix Tricks On PC, Mac, And PlayStation

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Netflix Tricks On Mac

Netflix has some tricks that can enable shortcuts and advanced features in Internet browsers on Windows and Mac OS PCs, as well as on PlayStation (Sony). The functions are special for curious users who like to know what happens behind the interface of the tool, or who want to save time while accompanying a TV […]

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How To Create Netflix Shortcut On Linux With Google Chrome

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Linux With Google Chrome

There is a feature in Google Chrome browser that creates a shortcut similar to the official Netflix application on any Linux based computer. If you are using a computer that runs on the Linux operating system, then you can create an application. To know more about it, continue reading the post. Netflix does not offer […]

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What Are Netflix Prepaid Cards And How To Use Them?

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Netflix Prepaid Cards

Using Netflix prepaid cards is simple and works as an alternative to credit cards in paying for a subscription. The feature, also called a gift card, can be used by subscribers and by those who do not yet have an account on the site. I already have a Netflix subscription. Can I use the prepaid […]