Can You Watch Netflix On Nintendo Switch?

Netflix On Nintendo

If you own any model of Nintendo Switch and want to watch Netflix on it, then you need to stay tuned to the website for the latest updates. Though you can watch favorite shows or videos from already running streaming services like Hulu or YouTube from the switch.

The well-known streaming service is going to add soon on a portable console. You might be keen to know that Console. It is none other than a Nintendo Switch. There are some qualities like a huge number of games, low price, and reliability of this console which makes it best-selling consoles of 2019. However, despite such features, some fans are still upset due to the omission of their favorite streaming service from it. This is Netflix for Switch.

Nintendo Switch and Netflix

Till then, Netflix is not available on this console or you can say a platform whereas Both YouTube and Hulu can be found through eShop. This doesn’t mean that Netflix is not going to add in the future. A ray of hope enlightened after a press interview of Reggie Fils, COO of Nintendo. He said, the company aim is to focus mainly on games and this derives the need for Netflix, a popular media streaming service which has been used on many media streaming players.

This press interview was conducted by Fox News in June 2018. From then users were hoping that the service is soon going to roll-out on Nintendo switch, but no confirmation has been done so far and rumors are still turning in the market. No clear cut date has been provided by the team for its launch.

Netflix No longer available on Wii

The latest information coming to switch is that the old Wii has lost support for all major streaming services with effect from January 2019. All the leading streaming services like Hulu, YouTube and Netflix will no longer work on Nintendo’s old model.

Nintendo is even planning to close all network services from the Wii. Due to this, some other companies are pulling their services from it. As a matter of fact, these companies are making a good profit by offering widespread support to these services. So, this decision has led all individuals to reckon for all the streaming services soon going to appear on Nintendo Switch. But No, one knows what is really going to happen in the coming days.

Will Netflix work on Nintendo switch?

It can be claimed that the Console is sufficient enough to handle all resolution. You can watch 720p resolution with 60 frames per second, rest depending on the game. A docked switch can even play 1080p resolution videos at the speed of 60 frames per second.

So, if you are curious to know whether Netflix is possible on Nintendo switch or not. The answer is definitely as because the other popular services like Hulu and YouTube are already in the same place, so the chances of getting Netflix on this platform are more. It will be perfect for tide gamers who want something in-between big game releases. Let’s wait and watch.


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