Do you know these 15 facts about Netflix?

15 facts about Netflix

We are all aware this well-liked name, Netflix and we don’t think so this popular streaming needs any introduction. If you’re not a part of this fantastic service, then you can step ahead to Netflix Com Activate. Now, let us tell that how many of you know this streaming service well? If you’re Netflix user, then you must know some unique facts about Netflix. We aren’t saying that you don’t know these amazing facts, but we’re sure most of you are not familiar with these things. So, once take a glimpse at these facts and get surprised.

Things you don’t know about Netflix

  1. The great-grandfather (Alfred Lee Loomis) of the Netflix’s owner was a scientist, inventor, and philanthropist, etc. With the help of his funds, he built a laboratory, and that lab grasped many meetings of famous and successful scientists such as Albert Einstein.
  2. That’s amazing but do you know Google came after Netflix. Yes, 1997 was the date when this streaming service was established whereas Google stepped in 1998.
  3. If we talk about the revenue of the organization, then it’s approximate $6 billion plus this popular service is available in 50 nations. Netflix gets good expansion from Latin America.
  4. Do you know in many nations, Netflix solely puts its contribution to Internet traffic?
  5. When it comes to broadband internet ranking then according to Netflix Canada is the third country and when it comes to streaming then around 60% people those who have Netflix subscription stream their favorite content weekly.
  6. That’s huge that content library of this popular streaming service acquires one petabyte means 1,024 terabytes or 1,048,576 gigabytes. Whoa! That’s huge.
  7. ‘Breaking Bad’ is the most watched content on this platform.
  8. According to the spokesperson for this streaming company, “It’s all about freedom and responsibility and treating people like adults, ” and you can take as many days off as you want.
  9. Netflix provides the dream jobs; this streaming company wants their employees to sit at and stream their content, and they just need to tag around 1K keywords. So, what are you thinking? Want to try?
  • February 2015 was the year when this streaming company acted as producers to sixty-six original contents. (movies, comedy shows, and documentaries, etc.)
  • David Fincher and Kevin Spacey’s movies gained good popularity on Netflix, so they brought these two famous personalities to this platform plus the licensing rights to House of Cards has been bought by Netflix.
  • A landmark deal took place between Netflix and Marvel Television in 2013, so they can produce the action and thrilling contents.
  • In 2014, this fantastic streaming company grabbed the Golden Globe award. Netflix was the first service who provided and still providing the original series.
  • This streaming channel also stepped inside the list of Oscar nomination. In 2013, an Egyptian-American documentary was released by the Netflix, and it’s called ‘The Square.’
  • Netflix holds more than 76,000 categories, and that’s great.

So, these are the 15 things about Netflix. Well, these are just 15 facts and things, you can grab more things by stepping ahead to BuzzFeed or simply subscribe their Channels on YouTube. Now you know more about Netflix, alright time to stream your favorite content, just enter the credentials into Netflix account, and if you face any difficulty in login, then you can take Netflix Login Help by navigating to Netflix technicians.

The French version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Netflix

French version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

How many of you’re aware of Beauty and the Beast? We all know this well-liked title, originally this movie (animated) was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1991. So, if this movie comes under your favorite list then you can stream this movie on your favorite streaming platform of Netflix but if you’re thinking this movie is of Emma Watson then you’re wrong. This one is a French version of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete). You can stream the movie in the original language i.e. French or you can stream the dubbed version of this movie as well. This movie grabbed good appreciation in France. Those who haven’t activated this streaming service then you need to visit Netflix Com Activate so you can activate this service and stream your favorite contents.

That’s quite upsetting that instead of Emma Watson you will see Léa Seydoux. But hey, Léa Seydoux is not less than any princess. Just fill up your credentials into Netflix Com Login and stream this movie and literally, you will love this version as well.

Well, this French version is quite slow if we do the comparison of this movie with modern Disney movie. The director cum writer (Christophe Gans) put proper magic in his version as well, his directions need a salute.  You will get feeling that some beautiful painting on the canvas suddenly got a soul and now painting turns magical in front of you. You will get a royal feel because the lighting, effect, and everything in the movie is displayed very well and in a beautiful manner. This movie is so magical and it feels great when you see everything around you are sorcerous from door to your cutlery set. If you’re already a Netflix user and looking for genuine support or help then you can visit Netflix Help Center or you can simply get in touch with professionals. Check out the soundtracks of La Belle et La Bete below:

  • Air – Suite in F Major HWV 348 – Water Music
  • Feast of the Pheasant
  • Dark History Waltz
  • The Taverne’s Violin
  • Sauras Tu M’Aimer

If you’re a diehard fairytale lover then we recommend you watch this movie and the soundtracks of this movie make the movie more magical and fascinating. The actress of the movie Léa Seydoux, she’s basically from Paris, France.  You will also see her in movies like ‘The Last Mistress’ (2007) and ‘On War’ (2008). She also grabbed the award of promising actors under the grand roof of Cannes Film Festival. Being a user of Netflix if you want any precise technical support then you can visit Help.Netflix.Com or simply contact professionals. For more information and latest updates, stay tuned to Netflix.

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video


This streaming service has stepped up its efforts to get a huge piece of India’s booming video-on-demand market, where it has fallen behind local players and Amazon’s Prime video service.

So far, it looks like Amazon has the finest understanding of the pulse of the Indian customer as it has stored up and estimated 9.5 million Prime Video subscription holders there since releasing in December 2016, while Netflix is estimated to be suffering at just 4.2 million subscribers despite being in India for over a year.

The development of Netflix in India has been hindered by premium pricing (Rs. 500 per month fro normal definition, or $7/75 at the recent exchange rate) and a limited content library. Amazon, on the other hand, provides its video subscription service as part of Prime for around $8 a year. So, it does not make sense for a customer to select Netflix given the shortage of content.

However, Netflix is now looking to patch its main faintness to make its service more appealing to Indian customers.

In India, Netflix steps on the gas

Netflix is allegedly ramping up its speculation in India this year to drum up more content and compete with Amazon’s ever-developing online library. The online streaming could spend as much as $300 million on fresh, India-absorbed content, according to Netflix had initially made just 7% of its entire library available in the Indian market, providing it a vital setback in obtaining subscribers.

But it is now ready to stream its first India-particular comedy special — Abroad Understanding — featuring well-known Indian actor and comedian Vir Das. This is the first original production from India to be featured on Netflix worldwide, and should perfectly lead to subscriber development as comedy is the second-most viewed genre in India.

Moreover, Netflix users in India can begin streaming content produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures – India’s two popular production houses — from the recent quarter onward. The Red Chillies deal will permit Netflix to exclusively stream thirty motion pictures, along with any new films produced over the next three years

CEO Reed Hastings currently said that India is mainly a film-centric streaming market, so it won’t be astonishing to see Netflix pursue violent content affiliations in this space. What’s more, the online streaming supplier is also taking steps so that Indian customers can relish more content using fewer data.

Netflix’s dynamic optimizer technology will allegedly permit subscription holders to stream 30 hours of content at the expenditure of just 2 GB of data, without cooperating the obvious quality of the content. This will be useful in the Indian context as data costs are high as equal to other countries.

This streaming service has been slow to grow its content library in India as Amazon Prime Video has taken the market by the tempest. Amazon has a different library of above 50 Indian motion pictures and is on track to produce 18 fresh original shows for this market.

What’s more, the e-commerce giant is allegedly going to spend $75 million this year on growing India-particular content, having already knotted up with 15 production houses in the nation. Moreover, Amazon’s investment toward increasing local content is greater than that of domestic competitors Hotstar and Voot, showing its aggressive posture in this market.

Amazon’s enhancing content library and reasonable subscription plan provide it an intrinsic advantage over Netflix, and the gap may broaden if the latter doesn’t do something about its rating. Of course, Amazon will grow the price of its Prime service in India to INR 999 (approximately $15.50 at the recent exchange rate) per year once the introductory offer is over. But even then, it will be much reasonable than Netflix, which might find it hindrance to increasing its subscriber base despite big investments.

Competition is tough for Netflix in India

Netflix in India

With tough competition from local and worldwide players in the nation’s Rs1.26 lakh crore ($19.2 billion) media and entertainment industry, the American video streaming giant has identified that was battle life ahead.

CEO Reed Hastings shared his words earlier this month, “There’s a great battle with Hotstar, YouTube, and Amazon and many others, all competing for a consumer’s time. We are one of the choices, but what’s unique about Netflix is that we’ve got an international titles combined with great local talent”

This popular streaming company, Netflix is recently up against 29 other OTT content givers in India, according to the currently launched Media and Entertainment Industry Report, 2017, by KPMG India and the FICCI. And its subscription numbers tell that there’s a lengthy way to go before Netflix can match rivals such as Hotstar of Star India.

The hugest drawback is likely to be Netflix’s steep pricing. Hotstar premium subscribers pay only Rs.199 (monthly), compared to Netflix’s beginning rate of Rs.500. And Amazon Prime video charges an annual fee pf Rs.499 for unlimited video access, as well as [rime delivery for orders on its e-commerce podium.

While the KPMG India-FICCI report doesn’t identify whether Netflix’s active subscriber have all paid Rs.500 or more, an analysis by news website Medianama recommends that the company has only between 200,000 and 300,000 paid subscribers in India. It based this on an appropriate information response got in February.

Here’s how Medianama explained its methodology:

The LTU (Large Taxpayer Unit) has given response that Netflix paid Rs.20 crore in taxes for January 2017. We divided this number from the service tax rate that this streaming service charges for the high rate plan, and the rate they charge on their least costly plan. With this, we arrived at a range of subscribers, between 211,500 and 337,300. Since there are three different plans, it is unlikely that either utmost in the range is close to the number of subscribers that Netflix has in India, so we were supposing that the number is somewhere between 2 and 3 lakh.

Local content and mobile first

Another velocity bump for Netflix in India is that a number of local media networks, counting Zee TV and Viacom18, are releasing their own podiums. Ozee TV and Voot, for instance, typically have more native content. And with smart device perforation spreading to the hinterlands in India, mobile is turning to an essential channel for video utilization a big bless for local channels.

A video recently accounts for 60% of mobile data traffic, according to the KPMG India-FICCI report, and mobile video is guessed to increase at a compounded yearly increase rate of 63% between 2016 and 2021.

The report did the addition, “In India, the number of video-capable devices and connections are expected to grow 2.2-fold between 2016 and 2021, reaching 800 million in number”

But the content of Netflix in India is still very city-centric, and making inroads in rural India could take various years for the Los Gatos, California-based firm. For now, this popular streaming service has tied up with Red Chillies Entertainment of Shah Rukh Khan and comedian Vir Das for an original show to serve to the local audience, but this might not be enough. Moreover, swifter 4-G-based internet services, counting Reliance Jio, are making live sports a great hit on mobile phones, and that’s a category in which Hotstar has an edge.

Catch the teaser of Japan Netflix’s series, ‘Devilman’

Japan Netflix’s series ‘Devilman’

What’s going on Netflix lovers? As we know that Netflix lets you watch your favorite television series and motion pictures. Well, around ten days left and Netflix has revealed the list of all new titles airing on Netflix this March, so if you haven’t downloaded this streaming service then do it today so you can also enjoy the titles of March. As we know Netflix released many latest trailers of new motion pictures and series, first Netflix is going to release its German supernatural series called ‘Dark’ but you have to wait long for this series because the series will knock the door of Netflix this winter till then you can enjoy the rest of shows and movies on this amazing platform.

Well, if you’re a fan of Japanese content then you will be glad to know that Netflix Japan has premiered a teaser for the upcoming anime adaptation of ‘Devilman’, the classic manga series by Go Nagai. Masaaki Yuasa is the director (Mind Game, Ping Pong), ‘Devilman Crybaby’ will air globally in spring 2018. Fans need to wait for this series, we mean a long wait. Well, that’s good and surprising that this well-liked streaming company has released many teasers, some of them are releasing this year whereas some are going to premiere in 2018.

The story of this series focuses on shy teenager Akira Fudo, who’s asked for succor by his best companion Ryo Asuka after his father demies after revealing a mask during the excavation of the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. It turns out the mask is actually a petrified demon skull that permits her wearer to see what the Earth was like thousands of years ago when demons reigned. To avert them from growing again to reclaim the planet, Akira combines with a demon to become Devilman, retaining the heart of human while benefiting the power of a demon Geruma and the turtle-like demon Jinmen.

Well, story line is really good to let’s see how people react on this and yes people’s reaction reminds us of Iron Fist. Well, this is the first series of Netflix which got the title of worst Marvel series, people say that poor writing is the main reason of its flop. No comment on this series, all awe can say is that whether it is Netflix or Marvel it doesn’t mean these well-liked names will always give you hit or amazing content but doesn’t matter it’s just one failure.

Alright, if you haven’t activated this amazing streaming service then you need to activate it now. You can also get in touch with professional if you want any Netflix help or assistance. Serialized from 1972 to 1973 in ‘Weekly Shonen Magazine’ of Kodansha, ‘Devilman’ was adopted concurrently by Toei as a thirty-nine anime series. The manga and anime have motivated various spinoffs, adaptations, and crossovers, counting 2004 live-action film. Stay tuned for Netflix Original Series, ‘Devilman’, will debut in 2018.