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Check these 7 action movies on Netflix

If you’re a Netflix user, then we recommend you watch these seven amazing action movies on your Netflix platform. These movies are full of adventure, speed, fight, and thrill and if you’re an action maniac, then you shouldn’t skip these movies on your favorite streaming service. Check them out.

  • Big Game

If you don’t want to miss the adventure of a young lad and the President of the United States, then you shouldn’t miss this movie on your Netflix. In this movie, you will see how a young boy who while enjoying his camping the forest area meet the President of the United States and come to know that he is in danger, then he decides to save him from danger.

Big Game

  • Blade II

As we all are aware of Blade, a vampire slayer. But this time you will see the new vampire community, Reapers. This generation is fond of making an attack on both categories, human, and vampires. Now how Blade will deal with this generation? Just stream out this movie, by filling up your credentials into Netflix Com activate.

  • Commando

Here you will see a band of thugs who are seeking for the revenge kidnapped the daughter of a former commando. Now what commando will do to rescue his daughter and those who are firm fans of Arnold, they won’t skip this movie. If you face any technical error within then, you are free to take Netflix Tv Help by getting in touch with professionals.


  • Drive

In the movie, you will see how a stuntman and mechanic of Hollywood field finds himself in trouble when he tries to help out his neighbor. To know the full story, you need to stream this movie on your Netflix, and if you haven’t activated this service on your device, then we recommend you activate it now.

  • Escape From Alcatraz

Well, this movie was based on the true story. If you’re fond of catching the real content plus original stories of convicts, then this movie is perfect for you. Here you will see a convict named Frank Morris, who sent to the Alcatraz and there’s no one can make prison break from that jail, but he did. If you don’t want to miss this movie, then don’t forget to stream the motion picture on Netflix.

The Equalizer

  • The Equalizer

Here you will see the story of McCall, who left behind the life of violence and decided to live a peaceful and happy life but it’s not that easy for him because some cruel incidents make him step inside that old life. Now he is to fight to get the justice. We recommend you, must watch this movie.

  • Furious 7

We no need to say anything about this movie, if you’re a speed lover, then what are you waiting for? Stream this movie on your Netflix platform. But the ending of this movie is quite emotional, and that’s the moment when we come to know that we will Paul Walker. The movie’s soundtrack, ‘See You Again’ by Charlie Puth and Wiz Khalifa will touch your soul.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

Well, this movie is amazing, and we recommend you don’t miss this movie on your Netflix platform. Here you will see a guy named, Gary scuffle with different challenges and tasks when he gets the secret service. This world is opposite of your normal world. Go and stream this movie.

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