CW and Netflix head towards an Exclusive Streaming Deal.


CW and U.S Netflix signed a deal according to which Netflix members will be able to start fullseasons streaming eight days after each show’s finale season.

Netflix TV has always lot of surprises in store for us. This time it’s giving us our favorite superheroes series. So, no more waiting for the fans of the Flash, Arrow and Supergirl as they have tosupergirl-netflixacticate wait only for days rather than a months for the new seasons to arrive on Netflix.

CW Network deal applies to US Netflix only. It is good sign for Netflix viewers that content producers and broadcasters are trying to reduce the 12 –month lag between when a show screens on television and when it reaches subscription video.

According to the CW Network deal the next season of television shows due to kick off in August/September – will arrive on Netflix only eight days after each program’s season finale.


The deal includes some of your favorites like The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Jane the Virgin, iZombie and The Vampire Diaries along with new series Frequency, No Tomorrow and Riverdale. Enjoy many other shows and movies once you Download Netflix app.

This deal could put pressure on other content providers to follow the same.Unfortunately it is not possible for Netflix to make these deals global because rights belong to different broadcasts in different markets.

Foxtel is the home of most of these CW shows in Australia, so they take their time coming to Netflix. Arrow season 4 and The flash season 2 just wrapped on Foxtel but Arrow season3 has only come to Australia Netflix and no signs of The Flash as yet.

Foxtel hathe flash - netflixcomactivateve an influence on Australian people and they are happy to pay extra for exclusive deals which Foxtel offers.Well, now it will be interesting to see how Foxtel maintains its control over all its programming or the content providers will start to project of their content to reach the other channels soon.

Content providers might be earning extra money out of Foxtel for exclusive rights. In this context they are losiniZombie-netflixcomactivateg potential iTunes/Google sales to piracy as fans are not prepared to wait for so long to buy each episode.

Well, fast-track streaming by Netflix will keep you away from piracy and Netflix Activate let you enjoy original content once.