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Dark Comedy series ‘Maniac’ coming soon on Netflix

Netflix is coming with a new series Maniac this summerThis series is directed by Carry Fukunaga, who is the director of True detective season one, a series at HBO. But the director left the series after the season one of the series. But after almost one year he is coming with a dark comedy Maniac starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill and it is moving on full swing ahead with a start date and everything. Last time Jonah Hill and La La Land’s Emma Stone shared the screen, then the pair found themselves overwhelmed with teenage torment in Superbad by Greg Mottola. Now after almost ten years Hill and Stone are poised to reunite for Maniac, that has set up the shop at Netflix. Netflix.Com TV Help can be taken for any information, details or queries.

According to the reports of Deadline, Fukunaga will direct the entire first season of the series which comprises of 10 episodes for Netflix and Paramount Television with Jonah Hill and Emma stone and the filming of the show has been set to begin on 15th August this year in the New York City and will continue until Thanksgiving. The Filming is expected to take almost three months and t will not be demanding like True Detective as it has been set to wrap up before Thanksgiving.

This will make this project a significant and not much time-consuming project that fits into the busy schedule of Fukunaga, Hill, and Stone. Fukunaga will direct all the ten episodes of the show in the same way he did with True Detective’s moody and stylish season. The script has been written by Patrick Somerville and Anonymous Content and Paramount TV are producing it. With such a big talent and names involved in this series, it has no doubt that paramount TV will be looking to move forward sooner rather than later. Netflix TV Help can be taken for any kind of information. According to the trade reports Brad Grey, the studio chairman personally spoke to Stone and Hill to make sure that line up for their schedules for Maniac.

Maniac is based on the Norwegian series of 2014 and revolves around the two characters that are struck in a mental institution, who went their own world of fantasy. In truth, they both are mental patients living in psychiatric ward where they are getting treatment for dis-connectivity from reality. The premise of the show has offered some great visual opportunities.

Netflix is yet to reveal the release date of Maniac but with the starting date in August for filming it can expected to come in early of 2018. This show will be a major coup for Netflix as La La land actress Emma stone is about to become an Oscar winner for his role in La La Land. You can log on to www Netflix Com Activate for any information or detail.  So, Carry Fukunaga will again be behind the camera for Manic in coming August.

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