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Does Netflix Not Load In Chrome? Know The Possible Problems Along With Their Solutions

Netflix not working in chrome

Netflix may display different types of errors when accessed by Chrome on your computer. In certain situations, the site displays a fault code, in others; it only behaves abnormally and does not open.

Check below the main flaws that the streaming service presents in the Google Chrome browser on the PC. Moreover, you will also find steps on how to solve them to watch movies and series online again.

Error C7053-1803

The C7053-1803 is a very common error code in Netflix video playback failures. It arises when the service has difficulty retrieving information stored in the browser and is forced to use old data. This anomalous behavior then blocks streaming and prevents videos from being played. The solution is simple, and only requires restoring Chrome to the default settings.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome main menu and select “Settings”.

Step 2: Open the settings side menu and expand the preview to open the advanced options. Then check “Reset and clean”.

Step 3. Select the option “Restore settings to the original defaults” and in the popup window confirm the procedure with the blue button. The browser will restart and request a new login to your Google account to retrieve history and bookmarks. From there, error C7053-1803 should be resolved.

Unexpected error

In some cases, Netflix does not deliver a failure code, but merely states, “there was an unexpected error”. When this happens, the service simply does not load. The solution is to clean Chrome cookies and temporary files.

Step 1: A simple way to access Chrome’s data cleanup is by typing chrome://settings/clearBrowserData into the address bar of a new tab. In the pop-up window, click on the first selection field and choose “Entire period”.

Step 2: Below, check the last two options to clear temporary data. Leave the first box unchecked to keep only your history. Then select “Clear Data”. Chrome will take you away from all sites and services online, so you’ll need to enter email and password in all of them again. Netflix, on the other hand, should resume normal operation.

Chrome Version

Netflix does not handle old versions of Chrome well, so it’s important to download all the updates available to the program as soon as possible. The same goes for computer software, as newer versions of Google’s browser are no longer released for older systems like Windows XP. In the latter case, the problem may have no solution.

If your operating system is at least Windows 7 or OS X Yosemite, just update Chrome to solve the problem.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome menu and select the “Help> About Google Chrome” option.

Step 2: The browser will notify you if an update is available. The download is usually done automatically. Restart the program to apply the changes and test the Netflix website in the sequence.

Check your extensions

Varied extension offerings are one of Chrome’s strengths, but some of them can affect services like Netflix. Ad blockers and other plugins that modify websites can interfere with streaming, so you need to check if one of them is causing problems.

Step 1: Open an anonymous tab in Chrome and go to Netflix. Because this mode does not allow extensions by default, the service should work normally if the cause is in one of the plugins.

Step 2: If Netflix works in anonymous mode open the menu “More tools> Extensions” to open its menu of installed plugins.

Step 3: Turn the key of each extension one by one, and test Netflix at each step to see if the service works again. This is the only way to find out exactly what is affecting the operation of the streaming platform. Remove the problematic plugin to solve the error.

Malware infection

Some malware may prevent Netflix from functioning for a variety of reasons, but the antivirus installed on the PC may not always be able to identify them. Fortunately, newer versions of Chrome bring a pre-installed protection tool that is especially effective at removing threats that specifically affect the browser.

Step 1: In the Chrome settings, open the side menu and select “Advanced” for more options. Then check “Reset and clean”.

Step 2: Select “Clean your computer”.

Step 3: Check “Search” to use the integrated Google Chrome antivirus and find any installed threats.

Black screen

The Netflix black screen error is one of the most mysterious because it does not show any error code. However, user reports show that an unusual providence worked as a solution when playback is stopped in between.

Step 1: First, make sure Netflix is ​​down because of your Internet connection. Restart the router and the computer itself, and see if other devices are connected. If the problem is only on Netflix, copy the video address and paste it into another browser (Firefox or Edge).

Step 2: Copy the second browser link again, re-paste it in Chrome and hit Enter. If all goes well, the video should be replayed exactly from the point where it stopped.


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