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Easy Steps To Watch Netflix Movies Offline On Tablet Or Smartphone

Netflix in Smart phone

After performing too many workarounds on Netflix, the team has finally come to the solution of providing Netflix movies offline on smartphone and tablet. All the android, as well as iOS users, can stream the content on their device without internet connection.

You need to do one thing before starting watching offline movies or shows. This is; downloading the content from the channel when you are online. Once it gets downloaded, you can watch according to your convenience without requiring internet. If you are on a plane and don’t want to miss your favorite show, then download the content when you are connected to wireless network.

Steps to watch Netflix offline

  1. Download an update: before starting with the offline viewing, you must check for the update if available on the server. If a new update is available, download it.
  2. Open Download menu: In the downloaded menu, you will find a list of files, which you have recently downloaded, and list of files, which are in a queue. Scroll down to select your app. You will find ‘Available for download’ option. This menu always appears on the left side.
  3. Click on a show to start downloading: After completing step 2, you need to click on the show, which is recently downloaded. All the content related to the show will start broadcasting on the screen. If you want to check the show timings of next show or movie, then click on the checkbox given next to the ‘Show’. To start downloading a next series of the show, Click on the particular show.

Alike amazon, there is no restriction on downloading a content in a day or at a time. You can download as many contents you want. In case of Amazon, only 3 content are allowed at a time. The main advantage of this feature is that you can download complete series of the show in one go.

  1. Inspect the data usage: When you download data, don’t forget to check the internet usage available because downloading high-quality data may consume whole of your data usage limit. It is recommended to restrict downloading when your phone is using the data pack. If you have connected the device to Wi-Fi network, then the content will automatically start downloading. In this way, you can save your data pack from being consumed endlessly.

According to company officials, it has been found out that if you download a complete series of Narcos, then it will consume 250 MB of data. Moreover, if you download High-quality data, then it will consume twice of normal data. If you are using a smartphone, then the normal quality of data is sufficient because one cannot judge the difference between qualities on screen with naked eyes. If you are tablet users, then you can download High-quality data.

For your information, we want to mention here that you can now store all your fire kindle content on MicroSD card affixed to your phone. Netflix has made it possible. When you start downloading a content, you will get an option related to storage destination. Here you can change the location to MicroSD card.

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