Face the terror of 3096 days on Netflix

3096 Days

If you’re a thriller maniac then you shouldn’t miss the story of Natascha Kampusch who lived 3096 days of horror in one small room. Catch the ‘3096 Tage (Days)’ on Netflix.

3096-days-netflixWhat’s going on Netflix lovers? Streaming your favourite content, right? Alright so tell which movie you think is strange, sick and disgusting? Well, before we proceed let us ask that how you feel if we lock you up in a room for one day.  You might be thinking that why and what kind of question we are asking? But you have to answer this question. Alright, maybe some of you will say yes you can lock me and I can easily survive and perhaps some of you will say no I cannot. Those who think that yes we can stay in a locked room for one day very easily, if you think this is that easy then tell us what if we lock you up in a room for (silence of few seconds) 3096 days? Now who will say yes I can? We know no one will say yes because spending days and nights of 3096 (approx. 8 years) in one room is not easy. You may thinking that what’s the point of linking of locking up person in one room, then we would like to tell that if you’re a Netflix user, then you can watch the fear, pain, stress and experience of a girl who lived these horrific 3096 days in a small room. If you haven’t activated this well-liked streaming service, then do it today by stepping ahead to Www Netflix Com Activate. For any support, you can also ring up the professionals and experts.


3096 Tage (3096 days) is a German drama film directed by Sherry Hormann in 2013 and you all will be amazed to know that this movie is based on the true story of a 10-year-old girl (Natascha Kampusch), this girl has been kidnapped by Wolfgang Přiklopi (kidnapper). Antonia Campbell plays Kampusch’s role and Thure Lindhart plays Přiklopi’s role in the movie. Antonia Campbell is a Northern Irish actress. Bernd Eichinger grabbed the title of writer whereas the movie is directed by Sherry Hormann (as we said earlier).  So no doubt you’re in the love with this film’s plot and to stream this film you need to activate the Netflix and you get the Free Netflix app as well.


As we know that Netflix grips many thrilling movies and the movie we are talking about right is also a part of thrill and horror. This movie holds the unique and strange kind of story all you need to do is just step ahead to Netflix and the stream the film to know that who is Natascha Kampusch, what’s the motive of that kidnapper? We guess the title of the movie is enough to give us goose bumps and leave us in the state of wondering that how someone can survive for 3096 days. And jaw-dropping thing is that the story is real. You shouldn’t miss this amazing film (available on Netflix). The month of November is on and we know that list of the full entertainment is out now, your entire November is full of various television shows and motion pictures. You can take a glimpse at the list of the content you can watch on Netflix. If you’re already using this amazing streaming service, then all you need to is just fill up acceptable credential on Netflix Com login. For more updates, you can stay tuned to Netflix.