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Five Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Experience On Netflix

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Netflix is ​​certainly one of the best streaming services for movies and series. With Netflix, you can enjoy a gigantic library of titles by paying the subscription cost every month. You can even enhance your service experience if you use streaming on desktops and notebooks with some very simple tips and tricks.

  1. Netflix Rate

Netflix offers, in every movie or series, a brief description and a note based on user preferences. However, a plugin for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, called Netflix Rate, expands this functionality by adding ratings given on IMDb sites and Rotten Tomatoes.

When installing the plugin, Netflix starts to show the notes in small icons, as well as taking the user, with a click, to the page of the movie or series in those services for a more in-depth reading of the criticisms. For now, Netflix Rate does not work for national content but covers almost everything else, whose original is available in English.

  1. All Flicks

A kind of alternative search engine, All Flicks allows you to find Netflix content according to a series of parameters – certainly better than the native search field of the service. It is possible, for example, to locate horror films released in the 1970s and then filter by user rating.

There are also ready-made lists, like films related to the nominees of the 2018 Oscars, or the longest ones evaluated in IMDb. When you create an account, you can also create your own list, as well as access the selections of other users. The best is the keyword search, which does not work in the original Netflix, which allows the search, only, for words present in the title of the series or series.

It is worth remembering that the site offers Netflix content from the United States and Canada, so it is necessary to check if the items of your search are also in the Brazilian catalog after the selection.

  1. Alert of new content

The Netflix catalog is very large and updated frequently. That’s why sites like Netflix Brazil Complete List are a great help to keep an eye on what’s new in the streaming service. Organized by date, new content is shown in an easy way to view in post form.

When selecting a title, the user is taken to a page with more details and, from there, can play the movie or series directly on Netflix. For Android or iOS, there is also Upflix, which does the same and sends daily notifications about the new content made available on the website to Brazilians.

  1. Organize your personal preferences

A native Netflix feature, setting personal preferences helps the service give the user the right content on the first page. If you want the algorithms to understand your commands in a better way, simply answer which genres, scenarios, among other types of movies and series watch more often.

In this area, the more items answered, the better. Therefore, the indicated is to classify between ‘Never’, ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Always’ as many categories as possible. In addition to those already mentioned, are Qualities, Release Date, Subgenres, Languages, Script Origin and Special Interest.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts

As well as media players installed on the computer, Netflix in its desktop version supports some keyboard shortcuts that aim to speed up some commands. The best known are Space or Enter to play or pause a video, plus Esc to exit full-screen mode on your computer.

However, there are also others, less popular but equally useful. See the list of the most popular:

  • Space or Enter: plays or pauses a video.
  • Page Up: plays a video.
  • Page Down: pauses a video.
  • F: full-screen
  • Up arrow: Increase volume.
  • Down arrow: Decreases volume.
  • Shift + Right Arrow: advances the movie.
  • Shift + Left arrow: rewinds the movie.
  • M: mute.
  • Ctrl + Space: frame-by-frame playback mode.

In the latter, the user can use the sideways arrows to advance or rewind one frame at a time – great to notice that continuation error in the movie being watched.

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