Fix Netflix Streaming Issues By Updating Netflix App On Windows 8 And 10 OS

Netflix App On Windows 8

A good news from Netflix to all Windows 8 and 10 users. The company has launched an updated version of the Netflix app for both the Windows OS in order to fix the streaming issues being faced by mammoth of users. All the users can update their app from the windows app store available on the screen. According to customer reviews and posts, it has been observed that Netflix has updated the app in order to fix the streaming and other issues that users are coming across.

Netflix, as we know, is the best app for watching movies online on windows 8 or 10 OS. It has millions of movies available in the library. You can download or watch any movie directly on a computer screen through the Netflix app installed on PC. There are some users who have recently reported performance issue with their app. Keeping their comments and posts in mind, Netflix has updated the app to fix all bugs. Now, let’s have look at the new functions and features added in the updated Netflix app:

As of now, the app is available in more than 10 countries that include English, French, English Canada, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, English UK and Norwegian. If you have subscribed to the Netflix movie streaming, then you can update the app without any problem from your windows OS. In case of any problem, you can contact Netflix support team.

Now, this app is made available in more than 30 countries and languages. You can enjoy the same programs in more than 28 countries. If you want to watch the US programs outside the US, then it is best to use a VPN service. It will change the physical location of your system temporarily and lets you watch the programs broadcasted in the US. For more details related to the VPN service or programming, you can contact Netflix support team. They will guide you in a most convenient manner. There is a number of free VPNs that are available for downloading on your system. You just have to enter your personal and network details in the sign-up form. After this, you can easily watch any program from any location outside the US without any trouble. To know the details of VPN that works well with the Netflix app, you can visit Netflix support for VPNs link. Here a list of VPN that supports Netflix will be displayed on the screen.

There is a good number of users who were waiting for Pip mode to arrive on Netflix app. Fortunately, this feature has been introduced in the new updated app version available on Windows 10 and 8. A picture in picture mode along with 4K compatible videos can be played through Netflix updated app.

However, if you come across any issue related to surrounding audio or stream, then you can check the quick solutions from the netflixcomactivatelink. You just have to select your problem from the given links. Rest, all the instructions or steps will be displayed on the screen. You can follow them in the same order and troubleshoot the problem at once.

So, at last, we recommend you to update the Netflix app as soon as possible to remove the Streaming woes from windows 8.1 and 10 OS.

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