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Fixing Black Bars That Appear All Around The Borders When Watching Netflix Movies

Netflix movies are great, but seeing black bars all around the borders is definitely something that is frustrating Netflix users. If you want to get rid of this problem, then you need to follow the steps that are given in the blog post below.

Admit it; you don’t like watching those black bars while watching movies and other videos. Nobody does, but how to get rid of those black bars is the question that everybody is looking to find an answer for. Well, 21:9 VDUs are supposed to get rid of those black bars from movies and other videos. But, this is not what is happening in Netflix, as the movies and videos that are being played on Netflix on 21:9 VDUs still include black bars at the top, bottom and on sides when played in the full-screen mode. The reason why this happens is due to encoding that is being done on Netflix movies and videos. Netflix videos are encoded with a 16:9 aspect ratio, which results in black borders that seem like as if they are also encoded in the movie streams.

If you want to fix those black bars around the movies and videos that you see on Netflix, especially for 21:9 VDUs, then follow below-mentioned tips:

  1. Fixing black bars with Windows tablet mode

    1. If you can switch to Windows tablet mode, then you will be able to see one resolution for black bars that are found while you watch Netflix movies. You need to open the movie on Netflix and then, pause its playback.
    2. Next, you need to press ‘Windows key + A Hotkey’, which will open the sidebar.
    3. There is a ‘tablet mode’ button on the side, which you need to press.
    4. Go back to the screen where your movie was being played, and you will see a zoom screen button at the bottom right corner. The movie will be expanded after you press the zoom button, which will automatically eliminate the black borders.
    5. Now, press ‘Windows key + A hotkey’ again followed by pressing ‘tablet mode’ button. With this, you will exit the tablet mode.
    6. Play your Netflix movie now.

These steps will not work with multiple VDUs, as you will not be able to use ‘tablet mode’ option. If you are using multiple monitors, then you can select a specific display and make changes to it.

  1. Add an Extension on Chrome by the name of ‘Ultra-wide Display Aspect Ratio For Netflix’

If you use Chrome web browser, then you can add an extension to eliminate black bars that come around the movies you watch on Netflix. This ‘Ultra-wide display aspect ratio’ extension for Netflix is what you need. You can easily add an extension to your Chrome browser.

  1. Add Ultra-wide Video Extension to Google Chrome

This is another extension that you can add and get rid of the black bars that appear when you watch videos online played on Ultra-wide VDUs.

  1. Add Black Bars Begone to Google Chrome

Add this extension to the list of extensions that you need to add to your Google Chrome web browser. This extension is going to remove black bars from all your Netflix movies that are being played on VDU with 21:9 aspect ratios. You can easily add this extension and enjoy movies without black bars, which has been the main source of frustration for you and many other Netflix users.

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