Get Netflix On Sky Q By Performing The 4 Ordinary Steps

Netflix On Sky

To enjoy content from Sky Q and Netflix at the same time, you need to subscribe to the bundle ultimate package from the Sky Q subscription. The steps to get Netflix on Sky Q are given in the post. You can try them at least once.


Are you not satisfied with the content delivering to you on Sky Q or Netflix alone? If yes, then here’s good news for you. Both platforms have now partnered with each other. The steps to add Netflix on Sky Q are going to be discussed today.

With this new deal, you will get combined services from Sky Q and Netflix with a single price. There is no need to pay separately. If you have subscribed to the Netflix account, then the billing will the auto-rolled to Sky.

Different options are available in terms of Sky Q subscriptions.

  1. Don’t have sky Q or Netflix: You have to subscribe to Sky Q or Bundled on Demand Package with Sky Q Entertainment. In this pack, you will find normal Netflix streaming with 1080p resolution but if your take upgraded Sky Q, then you can enjoy premium streaming on Netflix.
  2. Have Sky Q but no Netflix: For this, Subscribe to Ultimate on-demand package which has integrated Netflix.
  3. Already possess Netflix: If both the platforms are already subscribed, then directly sign in to the account and start watching content from Sky Q box. If you are subscribed to On-demand package, then the Netflix details will be auto-transferred to the Sky Q with standard Netflix included regardless of what you are paying for Netflix.

Now coming to the steps to get Netflix on Sky Q. You must read all the 4 steps carefully and carry out the same.

  1. Open Netflix app: From the Q box, search for apps from the home screen. You will find ‘Netflix’ on the screen under the list of apps. If this app is not available, then you should perform an update of your box. Once you select the app, click to open it.
  2. Login to Netflix: Sign in to the Netflix with the same username. If you have not enabled the account on Netflix, then enable by entering the login details.
  3. Click to agree to terms and conditions: If you are already maintaining an account on Netflix, then it will be directly handled by the sky. Just select ‘Accept terms and conditions’ to continue watching. If you cancel the terms and conditions, you will be directed to Netflix again and revert to the traditional method of payment.
  4. Start watching: Now, watch Netflix through Sky Q interface from Home screen. Just need to bring the cursor to the desired program. To open the Netflix app, go to ‘App section’ followed by ‘Netflix app’.

Sky Q will automatically save the Netflix cache once you open it. Next time, it will open quicker. If you are using Netflix for the first time on Sky Q, then it may take some seconds, so wait and watch.

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