‘Hip-Hop Evolution’ is out now on Netflix


Are you a Netflix user? Alright, then you can enjoy the documentary series called Hip-Hop Evolution on your favorite streaming device. If you’re looking for any support, then you can navigate to help.netflix.com (https://help.netflix.com) and get the better fixation.

djing-emceeing-graffiti-and-b-boyingWhat up Netflix lovers? How many you want to see your favorite streaming device as a time machine? Ok, we can lot of people want to see Netflix as a time machine. Alright, let’s get back to late 90’s when we used to see the street corners are full rappers spitting freestyle bars, beatboxing, boom-boxes and some real DJ scratches. If you love the culture of Hip Hop then for sure you will agree that these four elements complete the Hip Hop- DJing, Emceeing, Graffiti, and B-Boying. That was the era of true hip hop when people knew the true definition of old school hip hop but now we see streets are full of gimmicks and those people who are intentionally entering into the culture of hip-hop without having basic knowledge of rapping skills. We should give a warmth thanks to Netflix, just because of this amazing streaming service we able to watch some real hip hop documentary. As we know that all the Netflix users can now enjoy the Hip-Hop Evolution on their streaming service.

If you haven’t downloaded Netflix then, they should buy the Netflix app today plus you can easily grab the precise direction of Netflix activation by stepping ahead to Www Netflix Com Activate. Hip Hop evolution is a four-part documentary series that explores the hip hop’s history with Grandmaster Flash, Ice Cube, Kurtis Blow and more. The credit of hosting has been grabbed the rapper Shad and made by the Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey’s creator team. The series was first introduced at Hot Docs Festival of Toronto, and it’s also featured on HBO. Now you can stream this series on your Netflix platform. Being a user of Netflix all you need to do is just fill up the appropriate credentials in Netflix Com login and enjoy this documentary.


This streaming also gave us hip hop full series before i.e. The Get Down. The multi-talented Baz Luhrmann and a team of collaborators- Catherine Martin (Oscar winner), legendary rapper Nas, Grandmaster Flash and winner of Pulitzer award, Adly Guirgis and hip-hop historian Nelson George- have made this music-driven drama that emergence of a new genre. In this series, you will see a ragtag group of teenagers run wild in the Bronx’s street in late 1970’s. The series will tell you the rise of new culture called hip hop.

So if you’re a true hip-hop lover, especially when you love the old school hip hop then you will never miss the Hip Hop Evolution.  Let us tell if you’re into gimmick genre then these series and documentaries aren’t for you because these contents grip the legendary artists. These types of the real content focus on the true lyricism and real roots.