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How To Create A Movie Lists To See?

Netflix movies

If you are using Netflix and want to know the procedure of creating a movie list that you want to watch, then check out the steps and follow those as it is. You will definitely be able to create a movie list and enjoy them at your convenience.

To remember which Netflix programs you want to watch, simply add them to your “list”. It may seem simple when you read it, but in reality, it is slightly difficult, but not impossible. If you can go through the process and follow it as it is, then you will definitely be able to create a movie list of your own, which you are looking to watch.

You’ve seen a trailer on Netflix that made you want to see the program. However, with the multiplicity of films and series offered by Netflix, impossible to find the famous program. You cannot remember the movie’s name or even the “genre” in which he could be classified on the platform. In short, you are in a dead-end. All the more shame it’s Sunday night and you need to change your mind in front of a good movie Netflix! Did you know that there is a solution to avoid this? You can create your Netflix “list”, with all the programs you will want to see next. We will explain how to do it.

Start by connecting to the Netflix platform. Either via your smartphone or tablet on the application, or on the internet via your computer. You arrive on your homepage with many suggestions.

At the top is a search bar with categories. The last one on the right is called “My List”. Until then, if you have not added anything, this category is empty. What’s the goal? A bit like a DVD library (formerly). A big folder where you can add all Netflix programs that you want to see later.

How to add Netflix programs to my list?

To add Netflix movies, series or documentaries to your list, simply place your mouse over the program thumbnail. There you will see pictograms: thumb up, thumb down and “+”. This last little button allows you to add the program to your list.

In the same way, if you click on the down arrow after positioning your mouse on the program, you will have a button with “+ My list” written to add it to your library.

If a program is already added, you will not have the “+” but a “v” button. To remove the Netflix program from your list, simply press this button.

Then, when you go to the “My list” section, you will have all the programs you want to watch! You just have to select them to watch them. No more forgetfulness! You have everything sorted out now, so your focus should be only on watching movies and nothing else. In case, you are unable to create a movie list, then consult Netflix help and support facility so that they can intervene and get things done for you.

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