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How To Delete Watched Movie History On Netflix?

History On Netflix

What you are watching on Netflix is something that should remain confined to you. If you are serious about your privacy, then you will not like anybody sneaking into your Netflix account and seeing as to what you have watched recently. If you are afraid that someone will see that, then you can delete watched movie history on Netflix. Read the post carefully to know the process to delete history on Netflix.

Netflix ‘watch history’ can be a useful feature. However, if you do not want everyone in your house or with whom you share the subscription to know what you’ve seen in the last few days, then you need to see the tips on how to hide the streaming record from the guests.

 In mid-2014, the streaming service created a native tool to erase the history. However, if by some chance you are unable to find that tool on Netflix, neither find it on the web, then there is nothing to worry, you can find all the details in the sections below.

Native tool for erasing histories in Netflix

Access the web version of Netflix (, log in and, in the top menu, where your profile picture will be, go to “Your account”. There click on “What was watched” and a list will be shown with the titles seen and an “X” that should be clicked if there is a desire to erase it from your video history.

How to delete the history of Netflix?

For a long time, there was no Netflix tool to delete history. Neither in the web version nor in other platforms. If you do not already have access to it, you will have to resort to two “little things” that are not so practical but end up being palliative solutions that work well.

Watch another movie

This mode is the simplest. If you do not want someone to watch a particular movie or series you watched recently, simply click on some other, and another, and another, so that Netflix shows “fake” records and does not identify you have seen it in previous days. So it will be this “new movie” will be displayed instead of the previous one, highlighted in its “recently watched” tab.

It is worth remembering, however, that if the person you share the account clicks on “recently watched” on the web platform, they will be able to access the full history. So this is a handy tool for hiding a recent view while only you control Netflix.

Create a new profile

The most efficient way to leave no trace of what you watched is to create a new profile, watch the movie and then delete it. The process is simple: Go to “Manage Profiles” in the upper right-hand menu of Netflix, and then click “Add profile.” Then enter a name for the temporary profile to be created. Then select it as the active profile to see the movie you want.

When finished, this movie will only appear in the history of this profile within your Netflix account, and not anywhere else. So, you need to just go back to “Manage Profiles” and click “edit” next to the created profile. Click “delete profile” and it (and along with the history) will be erased without leaving a trace.

Now you can watch what you want on Netflix without worrying about streaming history. Remembering that a native tool has been released to delete the list of movies you have already seen.

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