Netflix Movies

How To Enjoy More TV And Netflix Movies On Panasonic Viera TVs?

Netflix Movies

You can enjoy more TV and movies on Panasonic TV by downloading the popular streaming app Netflix on it. The steps to set up Netflix on the Viera TV are discussed with you. You can try these steps after understanding them in your own language.

Panasonic manufactured Viera television in late 2008 with Viera cast function built-in. It enables the user to purchase apps, games, movies, and music from the dedicated app store. Inside the app store, there is also a popular streaming service which is available for download. It is none other than Netflix which offers a variety of content for streaming.

If you are having a valid Netflix account, then you can download the app for free and enjoy more TV and movies. Now, coming to the main concern some users don’t know ‘How this all is possible and how to get Netflix on Panasonic TV?’ Well, we are going to discuss the complete steps for configuring Netflix on Viera TV.

When you download the Netflix app on your TV from the app store, there is no need to connect any device to the TV like media streaming player or some other medium.

Setting up Viera Cast

Connect the Ethernet cable to the LAN port of your TV and connect another end of the same cable to the router LAN port. You will find the port at the back of your router.

Turn on the TV by pressing the ‘Red power button’ from the TV remote. Press the down’ button to highlight the icon from the screen. Click to select.

Go to ‘Network settings’ and press ‘Ethernet cable’. This means you are connecting to the device with a wired medium. This option may be automatically highlighted when you connect the cable to the device.

Before going further, perform a connection test by highlighting ‘Connection test’. Press ‘OK’. The TV will automatically start performing the test. Click to return to the home screen once the test results get displayed.

Tap ‘Exit’.

How to setup Netflix?

  1. Turn on your Panasonic TV and press the ‘Cast’ button from the top corner of the remote.
  2. With the help of directional buttons, highlight the ‘Netflix’ icon and click on it.
  3. You will be asked ‘whether you are a Netflix member or not’. Press ‘Yes’.
  4. As soon as you press the ‘Yes’ button, an activation code will be displayed on the Panasonic screen.
  5. Turn on your computer now and open internet browser.
  6. Go to ‘Netflix activation’ website and enter the email address and password for authentication and verification purpose.
  7. Click ‘Continue’.
  8. Enter the code which is appearing on the TV screen into the computer screen followed by pressing ‘Activate’.
  9. A Netflix app will then get opened on screen from where you can play any movie or other content of your choice.
  10. Tap to highlight the content before playing them actually. When you highlight any title, you will get short details about that particular title.

Pre-requisites: Ethernet cable, Viera cast compatible TV, Internet connection with the router and Netflix account.

If you want to add any movies or content to the Instant Queue, then select that movies and click on ‘Add to instant queue’.

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