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How To Fix Error 11003 On Netflix?

11003 On Netflix

Netflix can experience issues due to a wide range of errors. While it is easy to fix the majority of errors, you may find trouble fixing certain errors. One such error is 11003. If you are seeing this error while accessing Netflix, then you need to take the assistance of Netflix experts.

Netflix is ​​a popular streaming service for movies and TV series. On the platform, some users may experience problems with error 11003. This failure causes the service to not work properly on the PC or prevent access to the application.

The bug can be solved in three simple ways: by quickly changing a setting on your Android phone, turning off and on the Kindle Fire – Amazon tablet or restarting the internet at home. Check out the tutorial below, follow tips to solve the 11003 error on Netflix and watch your videos again.

Tips to solve on Android

Step 1. First, you need to enable “Developer” mode on Android. To do this, go to the applications menu and tap Settings.

Step 2. Scroll the screen until you find the item “About the device”. On the screen with the data find the build number or “Build number” depending on the version of Android and tap five consecutive times to activate the developer mode.

Step 3. Now it is necessary to make the adjustments to solve the error 11003 in Netflix. Go to the apps menu and tap Settings. Find the item “Developer options”.

Step 4. Find the “Apps” or “Applications” category and check the text box next to “Do not keep activities”.

Step 5. Now, still in the settings menu, go to the “Application manager” item. Find the “Netflix” in the list and then tap “Force stop”. Reboot the phone after that.

Now turn on the phone and try opening the Netflix app again by logging in with your credentials to see if the error has been fixed.

That was all about fixing the error on Android devices, but if you are using Kindle Fire and facing the same error on your Kindle Fire, then you need to try the following method.

Kindle Fire

In Kindle Fire, the user must restart the device to solve the error. To do this, press and hold the power button on the side of the tablet. Confirm with “Off”. Then turn on the Kindle Fire using the same button and try to access the Netflix app.

Try rebooting the modem and router

Another way to try to fix the 11003 error in Kindle Fire, Android or other devices like computers, smart TVs and other compatible electronics is restarting the home Internet network.

To do this, disconnect the modem and router from the outlet for 30 seconds.

Then, turn on the internet modem again and when the lights are complete (or stop blinking) turn on the router. Wait until the connection is established.

Now, turn on the device (Kindle Fire or other devices) and try to open Netflix again by logging in with username and password.

Following the aforementioned steps, you will be able to fix Netflix error 11003, but just in case, you are still seeing the error, then don’t take any irrational step. Get in touch with Netflix help and support facility, as they will guide you regarding how to eradicate Netflix error 11003.

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