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How To Fix Netflix Error 0x80240014?

Netflix Error 0x80240014

Netflix is one of the most sought-after subscription services for watching movies and TV episodes. If you own a Netflix membership, then you can easily download the app for free on your devices, let it be an Apple Mac, Windows 10 PC or any other device because Netflix supports all sorts of devices and operating systems.

After installing Netflix app on your Windows 10 PC, you can instantly watch hundreds of thousands of movies and TV episodes. If you haven’t had got a chance to use Netflix, then it’s the right time that you sign up for Netflix and use it for an entire month without paying any fee. If you like Netflix and its content, then you can continue using it by paying a small monthly subscription cost.

Since Netflix is a professional company that has made its name by delivering top-class content year after year, the Netflix app is further consolidating that position, as it is a very stable and reliable app. But, there will be a few occasions when the app stops working due to a technical glitch, but it doesn’t stay as it is for too long, which is a good news. Recently, Netflix users faced an error while using the app, and the error code they saw was ‘0x80240014’. What resulted in the occurrence of this error and how to fix it, let us find out in the next section.

Netflix Error 0x80240014 is an error that is faced by many Windows 10 users. People reported that they were not able to download and install the Netflix app from Windows Store, and the reason is ‘error 0x80240014’.

People have tried multiple things to resolve this error, but nothing has worked as of now. The patience is really running low in people because they have paid for the service, but haven’t been able to use it once.

How to fix ‘Netflix install error 0x80240014’?

The occurrence of this error is due to the inability of the Windows to identify the installation. The problem has not occurred due to the inability of Windows to install the app. Therefore, people who are experiencing this error can simply ignore the error message.

To check if the Netflix app is properly installed, they will have to launch the Command prompt followed by typing ‘explorer shell: AppsFolder’. After that, they will have to check the Netflix app on the list, and once found they will have to double-click it. After that, they need to fill in their login details and that’ll be it. Netflix will start working again. They can also right-click the app icon that is given in the apps folder in order to create a shortcut.

If it is not possible for them to find Netflix in the AppsFolder, then it is probably not present on the list. So, they will have to follow below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:

  1. Run Windows Store Troubleshooter

If Netflix can’t be installed, then try running Microsoft’s dedicated troubleshooter for Windows apps. The tool can be downloaded from Microsoft’s website.

  1. Run an SFC Scan

Installation of the app might have been blocked due to corrupted system files, so users will have to run an SFC scan in order to detect and repair corrupted files.

  • Type ‘cmd’ in the search menu followed by selecting ‘Command Prompt’ and then run as ‘admin’.
  • Type this command in the dialog box: sfc/scannnow and then, press ‘enter’.
  1. Install the latest Windows updates

Go to ‘Settings’, then ‘Update & Security’ followed by ‘Check For Updates’ and finally, ‘install the pending updates’.

The users have deemed these steps successful when it comes to fixing this installation error of the Netflix app in Windows 10 PCs.

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