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How To Install A Moderate Parental Control On Netflix

Parental Control On Netflix

Netflix is a top streaming service, but it is not meant for everyone, especially children. There are many shows on Netflix, which are not suited for children and so, parents need to ensure that children don’t want those shows no matter what. Find out how parents can enforce parental controls on Netflix to protect their children from content that could have adverse effects on them.

The streaming platform allows you to set parental control on a particular profile (your child’s one, for example): this is the moderate parental control. It involves associating an age category with a profile.

Once connected to Netflix, simply go to “Account”, then “Settings” and select “Manage Profiles”. You must then choose the profile to which you want to apply parental control.

There are several age categories:

  1. “Toddlers only”: with programs adapted for all ages.
  2. “All children”: for older children.
  3. “Teens and children”: with programs tailored to adolescents.
  4. “All ages”: This category provides access to adult content.

Note that the primary Netflix account holder can only have one profile set to the “Teen and Kids” or “All Ages” categories.

If the moderate control gives the possibility to adapt the content according to the age of the user of a specific profile, its disadvantage is that it is necessary to check that your child passes well. By the profile on which you have installed parental control.

How to install a high parental control on Netflix

Unlike moderate parental control, high parental control does not only apply to a specific profile as it applies to all profiles on the same account. It allows you to create a PIN code to limit access to certain age categories and / or certain movies and series on Netflix.

  1. Set a PIN to restrict access to titles above a certain age category

Go to “Account” and then to “Settings” to access the “Parental Control” option. At this point, Netflix will ask you to enter the password for your account and confirm by selecting “Continue”. Enter the four digits of the PIN code to set the desired level of protection from these options:

  • Young children (all)
  • The biggest (7+)
  • Teenagers (13+)
  • Adults (16+, 18+)

Therefore, without the PIN code, your 11-year-old will not be able to embark on a binge-watching of the TV series, which is not meant for him/her. Indeed, if you have decided that there is no need for code to watch the movies corresponding to the categories “Young children” and “The greatest”, it will be necessary, however, to know the PIN code for the higher categories.

Also note that the age restriction may change from one episode to another in the same series (due to violent scenes, sex, drug use, etc.).

  1. Set a PIN to restrict access to particular movies and series

As with the age restriction, you must go through “Parental Control”. It will this time to write directly in the field “Access limited by the title”, the series and the movies of which you wish to restrict the viewing. In this way, your 12-year old niece will not be able to fall “by chance” on an episode of American Horror Story.

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