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How To Order Netflix Movies & TV Shows And Delete Those From Mobile After Downloading?

Netflix Movies & TV Shows

Netflix is ​​a popular video streaming service, but many users miss specific titles, especially series seasons. To resolve this, the feature allows subscribers or external internet users to submit content suggestions. The procedure is simple and fast, which you can access using your PC browser.

If the item of interest is added to the streaming platform, Netflix will send an e-mail notifying the subscriber. Check out, in the tutorial below, how to order your favorite movies and TV shows for Netflix.

Step 1: Access Netflix using your login credentials and password. At the top right, click the menu with your name and select “Your account”. Drag the screen to the end and click the “Help Center” button on the left of the screen.

Step 2: In the “Shortcuts” category, click “Requests for TV shows or movies”.

Step 3: You will be directed to the movie and series request page. If you are not a Netflix subscriber or want a faster way, you can go directly to the request page (

It is indicated to who is logged in the site, so the service will identify that this title is important and will advise when to update the catalog. Enter content suggestions in the blanks. Please check “Submit suggestion”.

Step 4: Suggestions will be sent and Netflix will display a confirmation message. If you would like to suggest more content, click on “Suggest more titles” in the left corner of the screen.

Ready. You can now suggest the content you want to watch on Netflix. You can download those movies and TV series on your PC or smartphone depending upon where you would like to watch those.

However, Netflix content could rake up a lot of space on your devices, especially your smartphone because it already has a less amount of space. Therefore, you will have to delete the downloaded movies and/or TV shows to free up space on the smartphone. Here is how you can delete a downloaded movie or TV series on Netflix.

Step 1: Open the Netflix application and touch the sandwich button located in the upper left corner of the screen to open a side menu. On it, touch My Downloads.

Step 2: You will arrive on the screen that shows the downloads you have made. Touch the pencil in the upper right corner, and then touch the items you want to delete to select them.

Step 3. At the top of the screen, you will see the number of files and their size (in MB). To delete them, just touch the trash can on the right corner.

Now the selected movies and episodes have been deleted and you have more space in the internal memory of your smartphone.

If you come across any issue while asking for new content on Netflix or deleting Netflix content from your smartphone, then you can take help of Netflix help and support. They will guide you regarding both processes in the most suitable way.

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