How To Set Parental Lock On Any Netflix Account?

Netflix caters to a large audience. Netflix Download app is available for all devices including but not limited to iOS for apple, Roku TV, android devices and amazon kindle devices. Netflix is most successful in this industry but has not launched any single hardware device of its own for video viewing. It relies on other hardware because users demand for it. It has tied up with smart TV manufacturers as well as Apple TV too include its app. Now we will discuss how to set a parental lock on any Netflix account.

Various kinds of parental locks:

Netflix provides video content to a variety of users. Netflix can be used on almost any device which is available as a smart device via Netflix App Download. Once it is done, there are a lot of possibilities open. The content on Netflix varies from location to location depending upon geographical preferences. Not to forget, since it is replacing conventional TV at home, its biggest audience is also not un catered to which are kids. There are a lot of content which are available for kids on Netflix. Since there is also a variety of maturity based content, it can be locked away from kids using parental lock.

There are basically 3 profiles which are on a Netflix account. One profile is used by the owner which can be done by activating via www Netflix Com Activate. Users can set a profile just for kids and then filter which content can be played on it. Users have to just make sure that their kid is using the same profile which you intend him to use. Other way of filtering content is the hard way out. Users can just select which content children cannot see based on maturity rating and password protect it. Once it is done children cannot see the password protected content without it.

How to set parental lock?

There are different help desk for both accounts on Netflix Tv HelpFor the soft lock, user can go into menu and then select an empty profile. If all profiles are being used then user can clear one profile and then select it. This can be done under the Manage Profiles tab in the menu. Then find “Allowed TV shows and movies” and then select the maturity level by moving the slider. The maturity slider has 4 options which are for kids, for older kids, for teenagers and for all adults. Select it and then the profile will play content based on that maturity level.

However, there can be other maturity levels too but the main profile can be set to teens and all maturity level only. Hence users have only 2 empty slots for other maturity levels. Then click on save and wait. The process can take one third of a day to complete. To make it faster, Help Netflix suggests that users can sign out and then sign in again.

If you want to keep away from all of this process, users can simply go for a parental lock. Users can go into settings and click on parental lock. Then parental lock can be entered after entering your Netflix password. After entering the parental lock users can click on the maturity level which they want to lock for. Maturity level of the content is as mentioned above. Then click on save.

Maturity level of content is decided by the certification given by the authorities of TV content. To remove the pin, users can repeat the same process and click on adults, hence removing any restrictions on the maturity.

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