How To Share What You See On Netflix Via Instagram Stories


Sharing Netflix content as Instagram stories is already a hit on iOS, which is why the company has decided to bring this feature on Android as well. If you’re using an Android device and want to post Netflix content as Instagram stories, then take a gander at the blog post to find out how it is done.

Netflix ushered in a “new” feature for Android users who, while more of a cosmetic function of something that already existed on iOS, should appeal to series enthusiasts and movies who also have a penchant for social networks: the most current version of application in the Google store allows you to share what you’re watching for Instagram Stories.

This feature is made for those who want to share with their friends and family as to what they were watching on Netflix, just in case, someone is not getting anything to watch, he or she can take recommendations from those who are posting stories on Instagram. While many may perceive this feature to be useless, but others may seem it as a great way of sharing the content that they watch on Netflix in order to let others know about their taste when it comes to watching content on Netflix.

The feature has been available on iOS devices since January 2019, but now, Google users will also be able to use this feature on their respective Android devices. The news can be accessed in the same way as the previous ones, already available: open the Netflix app, select the movie, series, documentary or any other content you want to watch and, before pressing play, click the sharing symbol and select the option Instagram.

Netflix, though it is a minority in size, has a solid rationale in the audience aspect: with services from major competitors (Disney +, Apple TV +, DC Universe, etc.), Netflix should think of ways to not only retain its current user base but also increase it against the new players in the streaming industry.

According to the website Statista, Instagram Stories has approximately 500 million active users daily. The three main countries that use the resource (and Instagram as a whole) are, as an ordering, USA, Brazil, and India. Of these, at least two are avid viewers of Netflix shows. While Statistic does not separate Android and iOS users, it’s safe to imagine that the volume of users by Google’s operating system is exponentially large.

With the novelty, Netflix ensures another way of social interaction for your services. The feature has done extremely well on iOS, so it will be interesting to see how it performs on Android platforms, which is bigger than iOS in terms of the user base. If you too want to connect your Netflix account with Instagram in order to share stories, then you just need to click ‘Share’ icon that is given right next to the content you are watching on Netflix. If you are unable to find the share icon, then you can take help of experts in figuring out how to post Netflix content as Instagram stories.

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