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How To Watch Netflix In 3D?

Netflix In 3D

Netflix offers content in a wide range, which includes 3D as well. If you are a Netflix user and want to know how to access Netflix 3D content, then you need to pay attention to the following information because that will lead you to the answer to your question.

Netflix offers some movies from its 3D effect catalog as a separate service from its core functions. If you want to know as to which are the devices that are compatible with Netflix 3D functionality, then just go through the below-mentioned section to get information about it.

Compatible devices

To watch Netflix in 3D, the user must have a compatible device. You can use the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo 3DS video game consoles, for example, to use the feature. No other console has the same available capacity.

For those who do not have any video game console, you can use Smart TVs.

LG TVs, only on models:

  • LM6200
  • LM6400
  • LM6600
  • LM6650
  • LM6700
  • LM7600
  • LM3400
  • LS5700
  • LS5750
  • PM4700
  • PM6700
  • PM6900
  • PM9700

If you want to know as to which Samsung TV models are eligible for Netflix in 3D mode. If you are using one of the below-mentioned models, then you can enjoy 3D content via Netflix.

  • F9000
  • F8000
  • F7050
  • F7500
  • F7450
  • F7100
  • F6800
  • F6400
  • FH6030F
  • F8500AF
  • ES8000F
  • ES7550F
  • ES7500F
  • ES6500F
  • E8000GF
  • E6500EF
  • E550D1F

Remember that on all compatible devices, the Netflix application needs to be up-to-date in its latest version to work. For this, check the apps store on your Smart TV.

Special connection

It seems easy, but watching 3D movies on Netflix goes beyond buying some of the compatible handsets and subscribing to the streaming service in three dimensions. Your Internet Service Provider must be connected to Netflix Open Connect (, a separate platform, but running on the same Netflix standard application. To verify that the provider is connected, you can visit the service’s “Super HD” page (, US only.

If the connection is enabled, it will be signaled to the user. Netflix has launched this service all over the world, so it doesn’t matter where you are living, you can easily access Netflix 3D content.

Leveraging 3D

If the entire connection is done correctly and the Netflix application is in the latest version, 3D movies can be found by the “3D” logo in the online catalog of the streaming service. In addition, the user connection needs to have the quality to take advantage of the technology – at least 6 Mb/s is required, but ideally at least 12 Mb/s.

The popularity of 3D is for everybody to see, so if you are using Netflix for a long time and want to know if you can access Netflix content in 3D mode, then you can go through aforementioned models in case you are using an LG or Samsung TV. If you are using another TV brand, then you will have to check it with the local service center of the company or you can even get in touch with Netflix help and support facility to find out if your TV model supports Netflix in 3D or not.

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