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How To Watch Netflix On TV With Laptop?

Netflix On TV With Laptop

After successfully building the reputation through movie rentals by mail, the world’s popular streaming service, Netflix has now made the things more convenient. You can now watch internet videos through service called Instantly. You can watch videos from a huge selection of movies available online. There are multiple ways to watch movies online from Netflix on TV. Today, we are going to discuss steps to watch Netflix with the help of a laptop.


  1. Check the output ports of your laptop: For connecting the laptop to the TV, you need to first check the ports available on a laptop. You will be able to figure out the cables you require. Most of the latest laptops have an HDMI output at the back side. This is one of the most convenient methods to connect HDMI cable. It can be done through single HDMI Cable.
  2. If your laptop has DVI output, then it means you are using an older port. Connect DVI cable to DVI port of TV and to the laptop. If your TV doesn’t support DVI, then you can use an adapter that converts DVI to HDMI.
  3. If your laptop has a VGA port, then you can connect through VGA cable available in the market.
  4. If you have Facebook, then you will need an adapter to connect to the HDMI TV.

Connect laptop output to the TV input: Once you have located the port on the laptop and the TV, you are now required to connect them.

Connect the laptop headphone jack to the input port of your TV: If you are using VGA, then you require extra cable to get audio from laptop to TV.

Turn on the TV and select the right input: Switch on the TV and select the right channel to which the laptop is connected.

Turn on your laptop: Depending on the windows installed and settings of the laptop, it will automatically detect the connected device.

Switch the laptop display to primary mode: Press windows+p button from the laptop keyboard and select the secondary screen. If you still find a problem in connecting to the TV screen, then it means there is some problem with the channel input. For Mac, Go to ‘Apple menu’ and select ‘System preference’. Go to the ‘Display’ option and check the ‘Arrangement’.

Set your TV audio as sound output device: Most of the time, the sound output will be changed to TV speaker itself but you may require to change it manually.

Windows: Right click on system tray volume button to open the settings. Select TV from the list of available device.

Mac: Open System preferences options and goes to ‘Sound’. Click on the ‘Output’ tab and select ‘HDMI’ from the list.

Login to the Netflix website: Once everything gets successfully connected, you can open Netflix website. Login to the Netflix account and check the list of items from the library. You need to have a subscription plan that supports streaming video.

Start watching the video: Click on any video you want to watch. If you want the proper sound, then you can connect external speakers to your TV and get sound output through it.

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