Is there a way to fix Netflix App problems on Apple TV 4 after resetting Netflix password?


The problem of Netflix app not working on Apple TV 4 after resetting the password has become quite common. Let us address this problem in this blog post along with the possible solution. Read the blog carefully or else you will not be able to get rid of the problem.

Are you using Netflix? If yes, then have you ever reset the password of your Netflix? Well, if you are using Netflix on Apple TV 4 and then looking to change the password, then you will quickly find that changing the password in Netflix app is a strenuous task. No matter what you do, it won’t happen. So, the only way out of this problem is by re-installing Netflix app on Apple’s set-top box.


The moment you change your password for Netflix, you will try to do the same on your Apple TV 4, and as you do so, you are going to get stuck with no way out to change it in the app. You will see a message popping-up on the screen, which says, “We are having problems connecting to Netflix, Please try again”. The bottom line is that you will not be able to use the Netflix app. Some people have logged onto www Netflix com activate, yet they were not able to get any right information.

Now, you must be desperate to find a solution for this problem. Then, the solution is simple; you will have to re-install Netflix app by selecting the settings app on the Apple TV 4 screen. The process of re-installing is totally different to Netflix com activate, so pay a close attention to the points.

Here is the process to re-install Netflix app:

  1. Go to ‘General’ tab.
  2. After that, you need to scroll down until you find ‘Manage Storage’ option. Once you find it, click on it.
  3. Now, you will have to scroll down and find ‘Netflix’. There is a delete button right next to it, so press it to delete Netflix.
  4. Go back to home screen and launch the app store.
  5. Once the app store is open, go to ‘search’ tab.
  6. You are going to see Netflix app already, but it is not there, then go to search bar at the top and enter ‘Netflix’.
  7. After Netflix icon appears, click on it.
  8. You will see the option ‘Install’ being highlighted, so you need to click on it in order to initiate the installation process. After the installation is finished, just click on the app and it will run.
  9. After the app is opened, you need to sign into the account by clicking on ‘sign-in’.
     Netflix sign in
  10. Now, add your Netflix credentials and click on ‘Sign in’. With this, you are back on Netflix via Netflix app. It’s time to do Netflix com login again, so do it to restart your entertainment.

The problem is related to a bug that is present in the Netflix app, and it is important for Netflix to get rid of this bug ASAP. This issue has been lingering all around the world for past many months now, and the company hasn’t addressed people about any possible solution, which is completely unprofessional from the company’s part. The company has only mentioned simple processes on the website such as how Netflix activate process is done and so on.


But, we have managed to find a solution for this issue, so you can follow the steps mentioned above, and enjoy accessing Netflix on your Apple TV 4 via Netflix app. If you are looking to get Netflix app from any 3rd party source, then you must ensure that there is free Netflix app. Even the company is providing the app for free, so if anybody is charging from you for the app, don’t get it from there.