July 2016 will be the farewell for some TV series and movies

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Netflix provides us many interesting movies and TV episodes, but this time Netflix emerged with some bad news, which may make us feel sad. But we do have good news as well that lot of new shows and episodes are going to enter in Netflix soon and unfortunately some of the popular episodes, movies, shows etc. like Orange Is The New Black season 4, and Jurassic Park will say goodbye to us.

It’s sad but true. Movies and television shows are leaving Netflix every month, and there’s nothing fans can do about it. So this July 2016 will be the farewell for some movies and television shows.

So you have time of June to enjoy these shows and movies, because here are just a few of the most notable television shows and movies that Netflix is saying goodbye to come July 2016. Simply you can download the app from Netflix Download App to enjoy these shows and to watch movie and TV shows instantly on your Chromebook and in Google Chrome on your PC/Mac with your Netflix membership just download the Netflix app in your PC from Download Netflix App Computer.

  1. Medium (7 seasons)medium - netflix activate

Medium (season 7) is the 7th and final season of Medium, an American television series, began broadcasting September 24, 2010 on CBS.  Patricia Arquette stole everyone’s hearts as the super mom she was in the popular-‘oos series, Medium.

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  1. Ghost Whisper (5 seasons)

Ghost Whisperer, an American supernatural drama. The series follows the life of Melina Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who has ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Now the entire Jennifer Love Hewitt series will be leaving.

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  1. Numb3rs (6 seasons)

Numb3rs (6 seasons) an American television series, first aired on September 25, 2009. One of the best crime show on Netflix but as of July 1st, those days will be gone, so get that time in quick.

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  1. MacGyver (7 seasons)

MacGyver is an American action-adventure television series created by Lee David Zlotoff.The show follows secret agent Angus MacGyver, played byRichard Dean Anderson.