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Let’s Have A Look At Netflix New Way Of Promoting Its Show

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Today, we are going to make you familiar with the new policy that Netflix is planning to adopt in order to promote its original shows. The Netflix, media streaming app or channel has introduced a new way to promote the original TV shows by putting them on the home login screen. According to a spokesperson from Netflix, the company is experimenting with this trick from different aspects. He said that company is going to remove the black screen behind the username and its profile and will replace with full-screen photos displaying new original shows like ‘My Next Guest’, ‘Orange is New Black’ and ‘Bojack Horseman’.

Some users of Netflix app have said that they first noticed this change on their Roku media player TV screen on which they find a message ‘Test is running for TV’ and users will soon find the same for other platforms as well.

The promoted shows are not originally from Netflix but from other platforms as well and that too on a rotational basis. Every time when you get back to the login screen, you will find a new image displaying on the front screen that showcases the latest running programs. You will find the images are random in the selection and some promoted shows will repeat a couple of times.

Netflix is now researching out whether this move will bring any success to the company or not. They are trying to change the login screen based on the coming up of new programs. They are doing all this just to increase the viewership of original shows.

The company apart from displaying promotional shows is also selling ads for adult-oriented shows that may or may not be appropriate for a child watching the same show or even for multi-person in the household. For instance, if you are to explain the school ager why they can’t watch the funny cartoon. While trying to watch something new, I come across new ad showing for ‘Trolls’ a kids show.

As a whole, we can say that this is not the right way to advertise shows if we compare it with the HBO promotion scheme. They put the promos at the starting of every show. Netflix, on the other hand, is trying its best to showcase its original programs on the home login screen. Earlier this year, the company had launched screensaver for the home screen. Now, they are launching Stories inspired mobile previews that are going to see in this spring season.

The company budget for original programming promotion is $13 billion and they are of the view to highlight the top-rated shows on the screen which are not available on any other platform and get the maximum viewership for the content. They always try to hook up the customers with their company by providing them the latest stuff on all media streaming players. They are partnering with different companies like Disney, TWC, AT&T, and other communication companies to provide content to the users.

The new promotion scheme which we have talked about is going to display on a small number of viewers screen. This has been confirmed by Netflix. You may or may not see this while login to the Netflix from TV.

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