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Netflix Already Shows Videos With HDR And Dolby Vision Technology On TVs

Netflix Technology On TVs

We provide the best support for Netflix streaming app. If you love watching Netflix content, but want to use HDR and Dolby vision feature as well, then you should get in touch with experts for the same. For that, you can call us at our Netflix tech support number.

There has been a demand going on Netflix that it should support HDR and Dolby Vision technology, which has now a reality. The reason why Netflix is at the top of the list of streaming apps is simply because it offers a larger number of content in the best quality.

The content offered on Netflix now supports HDR and Dolby Vision, video recording and playback technologies that ensure higher quality color and are one of the most interesting features on today’s TVs.

The company has confirmed that HDR material has been streaming since March and that users with technology-enabled screens can already take advantage of the news. The streaming operator has assured that the news is available in all 190 countries where it operates.

There was a great expectation about the arrival of this technology to the materials displayed by Netflix, especially by a large number of TVs compatible with the technology. Among the titles compatible with the two standards are the first season of Marco Polo and the series Daredevil.

To find out if certain content has the HDR feature available, the user needs to repair the screen before the display of a movie or series. The letters “HDR” appear just below the title of the content.

HDR and its Dolby equivalent are color-enhancing technologies, making images recorded on this standard reproduced on screens compatible with colors that are more vibrant and close to what our eyes see in the real world.

If you are not sure whether your TV supports HDR and Dolby Vision technology, then you can run a test on your TV to confirm that. Once you are confirmed it, then you will definitely be able to enjoy Netflix content in the highest quality without any issue.

How to watch HDR or Dolby Vision content on Netflix?

According to the Netflix help page, you need to be within the below-mentioned prerequisites:

  1. An HDR-compatible TV and Netflix;
  2. A 4-screen Netflix plan.
  3. High-speed Internet connection (a minimum speed of 25 Mbps is recommended to ensure better performance).
  4. Transmission quality set to High.

Netflix is ​​available in HDR on compatible TVs from these manufacturers:

  1. LG
  2. Panasonic
  3. Sony

Netflix is ​​available in Dolby Vision on compatible TVs from these manufacturers:

  1. LG
  2. Vizio

If you are using another TV brand, which consists of all the top features, then you can try using the HDR and Dolby Vision feature on it. If it works, then that’s great, but if not, then you should get in touch with Netflix help center once in order to confirm whether it will support Netflix content in HDR and Dolby or not.

If they say no, then that’s the end of the discussion right there. However, if they have any plan to make it work, then they will definitely assist you with the same. So, consider going to for the best assistance.

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