Netflix Data reveals Airtel’s internet speed in India


Netflix data reveals that Airtel is good internet service provider but in India people are facing the low-speed issue. For detailed information, run your vision to the following content.

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We all know that Airtel is India’s rapid internet service provider, unveils Netflix data. Although the speed is actually on the lower side at 2.25 Mbps, it is also the actual speed that users get while using an actual service. In that paths, it is separate from the speed tests in which the internet service providers often deceive. To get the top rank, Airtel knocks downs Reliance Communications and BSNL.

Reliance Communications with 1.81 Mbps speeds fix their feet at the eight position while BSNL with 1.09 Mbps is the last amidst the list of thirteen internet service provider in the nation.

Airtel is followed by Spectranet, which grips an average speed of 2.10Mbps. The 7 Star Digital stands on the position number third with 2.06 Mbps while ATRIA Convergence Technologies (ACT) fibrenet is fourth on the list with 2.00 Mbps. Hathway is at number five in the list, followed by YOU Broadband and D- VoiS.


Although there is no refusing that Airtel resides at the top of the list of this popular streaming service, the speed with which it gets that rank isn’t exactly something to be too proud of. In fact compared to the speed in December last year, the speed of Netflix is gone down according to Netflix. In December, Airtel grasped an average of 2.33 Mbps. But that month Spectranet knock down Airtel by marking up the speed of 2.34 Mbps. Rest if you want to get some updates or information regarding Netflix then you’re free to visit www Netflix Com or simply contact the professionals.

At the similar time, the entire list is actual a gloomy statement on all internet service providers of the India. Even nations such as Philippines and Brazil have speeds that are better than what users of Netflix in India receive. In comparison to poor internet speed of India 2.35 Mbps, Brazil has the top internet speed of 3.32 Mbps while Canada holds 3.62. In Japan, the highest speed is 4.22 Mbps, that’s really great.

In fact, consumers of India not only have to struggle with low internet speeds while accessing a service such as Netflix but also have to scuffle with problems from Fair Use Policy and throttling. Fair Use Policy that boundaries the internet links in India- the practice is followed by all internet service providers although previous ones such as Airtel and BSNL score poorly on this account. For any Netflix Tv Help you can get in touch with professionals.