Netflix Does Not Work On Chrome? Here Are The Solutions

Netflix On Chrome

If you are using Netflix and unable to access it to its full potential, there must be some problem with the app that you are using. If you want to know what the problem is and how to fix it, then you should go through the information given in the post.

Even on Netflix, bugs cannot be ruled out and there are some who can ruin your streaming session especially if you access this platform via a web browser such as Google Chrome or others. If Netflix does not work at home, follow this article until the end.

There are few users around the world who complain or who encounter error messages like the error message “Cannot watch this program. Please try again later.”, “Cannot change profile. Please retry later. (-1014) “, “Netflix Error 1016 “or” Netflix Error Code C7053-1803 “but we’re going to give you some tips or methods to fix some Netflix bugs on your Chrome web browser.

So, if you are in front of a black screen with an error message or even times an empty screen without message here is what you need to do or rather you have to try:

  1. Refresh the page with the “Refresh this page” button

In case, Netflix does not work, know that sometimes just refresh the page to solve the problem encountered on the Netflix version on a web browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Therefore, if you receive an error message while playing your video, refresh the page to reload the video again, the problem may occur because of a very slow connection or after a brief connection break.

It is possible to update the same with the key combination SHIFT + F5 in case the button to refresh the page does not work.

If this will not fix the Netflix error on your browser, try the following method.

  1. Restart the Chrome web browser

Try restarting your Chrome browser but before you close all the tabs you opened. This will allow Chrome to finish all the tasks running in the background (running processes related to your Chrome browser) and this can solve the problem or the error that Netflix has encountered.

  1. Update your Chrome web browser

Always having an up-to-date web browser is a good practice that minimizes security risks and avoids a lot of errors and bugs because an obsolete and precautionary browser can prevent Netflix from working.

So try to update your Chrome browser before moving to the next method, just click on the three points at the top right to display the menus, then go down to the Help menu > About from Google Chrome. And there, Google Chrome will automatically check for updates if they are available or not.

As you have noticed, we are trying to solve problems with simple methods. If the problems get resolved by following these methods, then that’s great. However, if the problems persist, then you should consult Netflix’s help and support provider. They will be able to assist you with those problems in the most suitable way.

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