Netflix Error U7353 And How To Solve It.

Netflix is the market leader when we talk about internet streaming media service providers. Netflix has support for a variety of platform and it was one of the first to do it. Netflix offers a plethora of movies and TV shows on its network from various broadcasters. It also provides media content from another kind of internet media streamers.

Netflix also has launched its first party video content known as Netflix originals. It has hours of unlimited videos which are critically acclaimed across the globe. Know more about it at Netflix Com.

How this error code affects the performance?

Different kinds of error codes have different types of effects on performance. While some error codes come up as layovers, there are others which totally affect the subscription. Error code u7353 affects performance and media content playback is hindered fully. Netflix TV Help has a role of just showing the error code in this case and not giving any tips on how to remove this error code.

Users have also reported that this error code is sometimes confined to the app and not to the web site. It means that there is a chance that you are getting this error on your Netflix app for windows but not on the Netflix website. Though, using www Netflix Com is not the solution we can look up to. Using the website can degrade a lot of services to a great extent. There are a lot of things which users can do in the app which they cannot do on the website.

The issue has been more prominent and reported after the latest creators update to windows 10. Once the update was rolled out, a lot of windows 10 app users for Netflix reported seeing error code U7353 on their screens. Even those, who had brought a new Netflix connection and were on the Netflix Com Activate step faced the same issue after signing up.

How to solve U7353?

Netflix offers region specific content and charges differently on those bases too. So, if you have signed up from one country but are using a VPN< Netflix will throw an error. Users must disconnect any VPN while using Netflix. More can be known about region specific content under region tab on Netflix Login HelpHowever, if users did use any VPN at the time of signup, they must make sure that their region settings must be the same now.

Once the location settings have been fiddled around with, users can now further try and flush the DNS settings. Normally, our DNS provider is Google. Hence, we can open our DNS settings and can insert default google DNS values. The default values are and after the DNS settings have been entered and saved, users can restart the app and check if the error code has gone.

The Netflix Sign In Help also suggests clearing cache of the app after a PC update happens. Hence we can go into apps and features tab on windows 10, then select the Netflix app and then clear the cache. Once the cache is cleared, all the locally stored media streaming information, as well as app settings, will be gone. Then you can setup the app again and this might work for the error code to go away.

Even if the error code does not go away by resetting the app, users can simply try uninstalling it and reinstall it. This also wipes the Dalvik cache, which we generally cannot do when the app is installed. Then users need to sign in and check for the error code to be gone.

Hence, these are steps which can remove the error code U7353.

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