Netflix For Android Takes A Lot Of Time To Load


Netflix works smoothly on Android devices, but sometimes, it takes a lot of time for the Netflix app to load on the Android devices. To know about the issue and how to get rid of it, we will be discussing a few points here today.

While Netflix App has been around for more than 4 5 years since inception of android and we can Download Netflix free on our android device, latest update might have caused a problem in user sphere.

If we Download Netflix app PC it has been up to date and has been improving ever since it came into play however when it comes to Netflix download free android app it has been troublesome since a fortnight and even after multiple updates users are complaining about its malfunctioning.

Problem with the app:

Users have claimed that Netflix servers are perfectly fine as when they Download Netflix app Computer version it works like a charm but when android app comes into play it takes forever to load and even after trying to troubleshoot internet connection app is responding in an unfamiliar way and is force closing or is taking forever to load. Even Netflix TV prototype is working fine indicating that android app is at fault and not servers.

Users using Free Netflix account are not worried as it is free but those who have paid subscription are worried that there subscription is being burnt on daily basis pulse but they cannot access services of Netflix.

While users using Netflix claim that the app has never worked in a good way on android and has always given a bad experience, older users who actually have used Netflix on android claim that it was working fine a few nights ago, but it has started to give problems after the latest update.

How to fix the problem:

Netflix Com ActivateDevs have come up with a fix that if app is not working properly all we can do is trying to wipe out cache files by either removing cache files from front end settings menu or by rebooting and even removing the dalvik cache hence making the app good as old one.

Also as there is no restriction to update the app necessarily we can also use the previous version of app which was working by downloading it from any 3rd party and side loading into our android phone making sure it is free from any virus. As iPhone app works seamlessly as a universal app when it comes to working on an iPad or an iPod or an iPhone, android app even after the OS and environment have grown so much as such petty problems one has to think why Netflix is taking most sought after platform as ignorantly as now and then every developer is releasing their apps as smooth in working as on iOS.

Surely Rooting might cause a problem in legacy hardware in which case only that cache is to be cleaned or removed which can be done once we go to settings and then software app selection and clearing the cache which not only makes app footprint very low but also ensures stability and reports that Netflix app will start working.

However devices with present gen hardware are normally under warranty and have less chances of getting bricked if rooted so getting root access and using super user advantages to clear out dalvik cache surely maximises app stability and if server side is working and app is coded properly which means app is not a mere port from iOS then it would work seamlessly on android platform.