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Netflix Has A New Evaluation System To Identify Good And Bad Content

Netflix Identify good content

We provide the most conscientious support for Netflix. If you want to know about the new rating system that the company has introduced, then you can log onto Netflix com activate link or call at Netflix tech support number.

Netflix debuted a new evaluation system for the films and series of its collection a few weeks ago. In this way, the old stars leave and enter the likes or dislikes, a feature similar to Facebook.

In the medium and long term, the new tool will result in the improvement of recommendations, which will also be more user-friendly.

Getting feedbacks from users is an important part for any company, and when the company is as big as Netflix, it becomes even more important because it has millions of users who access the platform every day.

The previous evaluation system was good, but it was not providing accurate data to Netflix regarding the content that is available on the platform.

From now on, there will be a percentage system on Netflix, which is going to indicate how relevant a certain title is to you, based just on your likes or dislikes, as already occurs in the Tinder relationship application. In it, the platform recommends to users possible partners according to common interests. Therefore, if they both like each other, there’s what they call a match.

Star rating system

Prior to the move, users could rate a recommendation from one to five stars, and unlike many people thought; the video streaming company explained that the star system did not evaluate the quality of a movie. Netflix also said that the old tool was quite subjective and that, therefore, users did not know much about its operation.

According to the company, “this figure represents a preview of what Netflix thinks you’ll enjoy watching based on your individual preferences. The percentage is based only on our algorithms for analyzing your individual viewing habits and behavior – it’s not an overall result of the title’s popularity on the platform.”

Some aspects motivated the change. The biggest of these is that with the Thumb up and No Thumb down, Netflix can tell much more accurately which titles are best rated or not. This helps the algorithm get more accurate in movie, series, or documentary suggestions.

How it works?

When a recommended title appears, you can give as you wish, which will mean that you want to see more content similar to it. In the case of dislike, the platform will understand your disinterest for that video or subject and will stop recommending it for you.

In addition, because it’s so much easier and intuitive to say whether you liked or disliked the movie, the new rating system will increase subscriber participation even more. In a previous test, it was found that the number of users who evaluated the films increased by 200%.

If you want to know more about this system, then you can either go online and log onto Netflix com activate website or you can directly call experts to get all the information on this new rating system.

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