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Netflix Not Working On Apple iPhone: How To Resolve This Issue?

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Thousands of customers are streaming content from Netflix app on their Apple iPhone. Apple iPhone and Netflix are two top-rated smartphone and streaming apps in the world respectively. If you are also using your iPhone to enjoy your most loved content on Netflix, then you need to go through below-mentioned blog post as we will discuss the problem of ‘Netflix unable to work on iPhone’ and how to get rid of this problem.

These steps are quite simple, and doesn’t require you to be a technical expert. So, rest assured, these steps are going to work without a doubt.

Fixing Netflix application on Apple iPhone:

Restart your iPhone

Many smartphone users don’t turn off their smartphones too often, so it is very normal to see various apps that are running in the background. Along these lines, the first thing that you need to do to fix this issue is ‘restart’ your iPhone. This will close down all the applications that are still open on the smartphone. If you know the way toward restarting your phone, which is very simple, then that’s great. If not, then you can call experts to know the same.

Check your wireless connection

A decent number of individuals watch their favorite media on phones utilizing a Wi-Fi connection. In the event that you too are among those individuals, then you have to focus towards the wireless connection your devices are connected to. If you aren’t getting a decent signal, then you won’t have the capacity to watch content in the best quality.

Forget your Wi-Fi network

In case, you use your Wi-Fi connection to watch your favorite content on Netflix, but are facing video related issues as of late, then you have to quit toggling the Wi-Fi on and off. You have to use another technique, i.e., forget the Wi-Fi network followed by entering the password for the same so as to interface with it. At times, underestimating a Wi-Fi system can result in internet related issues, so it is a wise move to perform the steps that are given above.

Close Netflix app and re-open it

If Netflix application is giving issues while you open it on your phone, then it could bring about jittery or frozen videos. To resolve this issue, you will have to turn off the app and then, open it again.

Check for apps and software updates

If you have found that a new update is available for Netflix application, then you need to get that update as early as possible. Perhaps the issue you are facing could be due to an outdated version of Netflix app, so updating the app is going to fix the problem. You can check if the company has rolled out any update for its Netflix app by opening the App Store.

Remove and reinstall the app

If the present Netflix version is not working in the right manner, then you can uninstall that version. Remove the app, and all the files related to it. Once you have uninstalled the app, you need to restart your smartphone followed by opening the Apple App Store. You will have to download & install the most recent Netflix version from the app store. It is by doing this that you will be able to enjoy Netflix services on your Apple iPhone.

Check status of Netflix server

What if the Netflix server is down? Well, this a situation that is less likely to happen, but can’t be ignored. In this situation, you have no other option but to wait for the server to get restored.

Reset your iPhone settings

At last, you can reset your iPhone settings, and reinstalling the OS itself. This will work if all other steps have failed, so you need to try this last step.

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