Netflix sending some creepy guests on this Halloween


Halloween is about to come and here Netflix is bringing something scary for you. Check this amazing list, which grasps a complete bag of horror films, so are you ready to meet ghosts, serial killers, and zombies. You can stay tuned to Netflix Com Activate for more updates.


As we know is about to come and if you have no plans to go outside in fancy and scary costumes, then we have some amazing movie list for you. This list holds the names of some horror title, you can watch them alone or with your friends (if you’re afraid of dark). Are you ready to watch these astonishing movies, below is the list:

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night:

The 2014’s film, which manifests the fear of vampire in Iranian ghost town. So if you don’t pay respect to women then get ready to die, because the vampire of Iranian lone street only preys on men who don’t respect the women. You can step ahead to Www Netflix Com Activate, so you can easily get the activation procedure.

Sleepy Hollow:

Ichabod Crane is in Sleepy Hollow now, so he can investigate and solve the mystery behind decapitations of three people. According to dwellers, a Headless Horseman often visits village in the search of his head and take the head of his decided prey after decapitation. Feeling creepy? Well, you can watch this amazing horror and the suspenseful movie on Netflix easily.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: 

The popular tale of Benjamin Barker also known as Sweeney Todd, he sets up his barber shop down in London which is the starting point for a sinister and evil partnership with his fellow tenant, Mrs. Lovett. So if you want a haircut then, visit his shop or simply fill up the suitable credentials on Netflix Com login, so you can feel the fear this movie.


How it feels when you realizes that your city is infected by some strange virus, which turning people into zombies. So be careful of this deadly virus and from infected people. Don’t you think, this movie going to give you goose bumps on coming Halloween? Catch the movie on Netflix platform.

Here are some other movies