Netflix Vs Amazon Prime Vs Now TV


Programmed television has been thing of the past because of restrictions. To avoid the restraints, users are now inclined towards internet TV service providers. Even TV channels are jumping aboard the bandwagon and more and more services are being included in this area.

Among many service providers, these are three giants among which selection seems to be next to impossible. We are talking about Now TV, amazon Prime and Netflix for TV viewing. We will see how they have merits over each other or if anyone has it all.


Netflix Pricing

Since these are in competition so initial pricing is same. However, there are additional charges for the services you avail. For Netflix, for £7.50 you get two screens where as if you pay £9, you get to see the same content on 4 screens as well as 4K content. However if you have a single screen, the £5 plan is best for you. For first month you would also get all access HD content.

Amazon prime has also come up with an offer you might not refuse. If you want to see amazon prime TV services, it can come to you as free. Those who are amazon prime members get some features such as one day delivery, early access to products and services and a lot of discounts for £79 a year. Including all this, you also get to watch Amazon Prime video on demand service for free. This service agreement is currently for a minimum of one year by amazon from now but new subscription plans might change the scenario.

USA consumers might get monthly payment option from now but there is no chance that this update is rolling out in UK this early. It will be more costly than yearly payment but will be ideal for those with less commitment issues and those who want to mix and match services.

Now TV has most flexible as well as complicated pricing. They offer various sky sports pricing options for various users. For an instance you can get all access pass of all sky sports channels for 24 hours at £7 approximately. Similarly for entertainment and other channels there are monthly packs too as well as daily.

Quality and Quantity of content

Quality and Quantity of content

Newest content can be seen on Now TV since it has its deals with Sky and all its channels. Sky is also under its own banner production like Netflix so you will get all the latest content. Netflix and Amazon are battling it out for more content and you can see your favorites on each of them. However when it comes to original content, Netflix is clear winner due to some really award winning content.

Amazon too has started making their own content but it has not generated that much of a fuss like Netflix. More genre are being added to amazon from time to time. Homemade videos and YouTube style sharing is scheduled to be started by amazon. It is almost free with prime too. Indi film makers too are inclined towards amazon’s this attempt.

Quality of content also differentiates all these three. Netflix, since it is longest in business among the three, offers easiest usage. It is also very reliable. It offers its content in HD. Amazon prime not only gives content in HD but also has a download and watch later option which might force Netflix to do so too. Now TV, till now has not offered any of its content in HD till now.

Netflix has major benefits over others like single account management for various users. Netflix also upscale 1080p content to 2K since Netflix offers content in 4K. Now TV has used YouTube like adaptive streaming but is stuck at 720p. Choice is yours among the three. However majority of reviewers have given it to Netflix because it is ground Zero for all the original content as well as ease of usage.