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Netflix Works On Interactive Technology That Lets You Choose The End Of The Story

Netflix Interactive Technology

In the future, you’ll be able to choose the end the series that streams on Netflix. As we all know that Netflix has a plenty of original productions that are immensely popular with the users, so Netflix is giving you the option to choose the end of series.

According to an executive statement to the Daily Mail newspaper, Netflix is working on a technology that will allow subscriber interaction in their favorite series and movies – following the book templates that allow readers to choose the end of the story.

Still, according to the newspaper, this technology of bringing a more interactive way of tracking streaming service productions is going to debut as a test and if it is successful, then it will be implemented full-time on the platform, confirmed Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

The idea is under development and will be tested on the platform to measure its success in front of users. The feature is already available for TV series that are made for children because children seem to be a lot more indulged in the shows that are meant for them. Now, the whole discussion is regarding how and when the feature will arrive on the main Netflix productions, which have a much wider user base.

How the interactive model works?

The level of interference the user will have in a narrative may vary, with options to choose from in less dramatic detail, such as deciding whether or not a prisoner of The Orange Is The New Black enters a new gang. Or, even, more radical choices, reserved for key moments and that can have a great impact in the way a season ends.

In an example of a more radical choice, it would be possible for a user to decide whether a character dies, or not. Or if Frank and Claire Underwood, from House of Cards, definitely split up.

This would allow subscribers to effectively follow different series, depending on the choices each one makes at those times- making it even harder and more interesting to talk about how the chapters unfold. In addition, the user would have more appeal to review all episodes and make different choices, as a way to find out the end of the story when making other decisions.

There is still no precise information on how it will work on the devices and whether this interactivity would be implemented in Netflix productions: whether it would be restricted to new series, or whether it could be adapted for productions that are already part of the catalog, such as House of Cards, The Crown etc.

A lot is expected from this feature, but Netflix is still under doubts as to how they are going to take feedbacks from the users and how those will be implemented because once the feature is out, Netflix is going to be overwhelmed with ideas that they will find hard to follow.

Netflix has to find an organized way to deal with a boatload of ideas that they will receive once this feature is up and running.

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