No Idea What To Watch On Netflix? Check Out This Trick!

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With a wide assortment of movies and TV shows on Netflix, a common viewer like you and me can easily get bamboozled while finding the right content. However, there is a simple trick using, which you can get to know about your favorite movie titles and TV series.

The large selection at Netflix ensures that there is something for practically every taste. However, the high number of options also makes it difficult to decide on a title. This simple tip for Netflix helps you stream award-winning movies and TV shows. If you want to know what that tip is, then just keep reading the guide till the end and you will be able to know as to how to find the titles of your choice in Netflix.

Award-winning movies will find this Netflix tip

The popular streaming platform has some high-caliber offerings. “Pretty Best Friends”, “Iron Man” or “Jurassic Park” are just a few of many award-winning titles that you can stream over your account. In the movies and series selection so you can use help. This Netflix tip will make your decision easier.

As you know, there are several categories on Netflix. This includes over ten different rubrics, including these:

  • Documentaries
  • Currently popular
  • Hollywood Movies
  • International movies
  • Critically acclaimed movies

It can be quite awkward to click through the many different categories until you finally have found the desired. To save time at the next series or movie night, skip this annoying research with a specific search function.

How does this work?

The special search works very easily and is a real insider tip for Netflix.

Go to the search and enter one of the following keywords

“Oscar”, “Cannes” or ‘Sundance’

This will promptly bring all the Oscar-winning movies, as well as titles awarded at the famous Cannes or Sundance Movies Festival on your TV screen. Among them are Oscar winners by book, by true events, “Best Screenplay” or “Best Actor”, award-winning independent movies and award-winning dramas. Once you have decided, you can click on the desired movie as usual and start streaming directly.

With this trick is a long scroll up and down in the media library history. The choice completely decreases you will not find this search, but it does at least once you make sure that the movies have nailed down world-famous juries neatly.

Conclusion: Oscar carrier easy to find

The Netflix tip is as simple as it is practical. Just enter “Oscar”, “Cannes” or “Sundance” in the search bar and you’ll see all the movies that have been awarded the respective prizes. This will help you save time and ensure you select a winning title. These hidden features on Netflix also increase your streaming fun.

If you are not satisfied with the suggestions that you see on Netflix, then it is better to switch to the aforementioned tricks for better recommendations. If you come across any problem, then Netflix help and support providers are there to help you out.

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