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Notifications Tab Is Now Available In Netflix Windows App

Netflix app for Windows 10 has become better with the inclusion of a new ‘Notifications’ tab. This tab is going to make things a lot easier for users, as they will get notifications regarding new seasons of TV series that they are watching whenever it appears on the platform.

Netflix app for Windows has become a lot better after receiving an update in which the company has added ‘Notifications tab’. Netflix for Windows app is extremely popular with the customers because this app allows them to watch their favorite shows on their Windows PCs and Laptops. If you are using Windows 10 operating system and want to access Netflix, then there is no better time than now. With the ‘Notifications’ tab, you will be able to be notified about the new movies and shows that are added to the app.

Usefulness of Netflix ‘Notifications’ Tab:

If a new feature is added to the Netflix app, then there has to be some purpose that it will serve. Netflix is extremely useful especially if you are a binge-watcher on Netflix. Let me give you an example showing the usefulness of Netflix Notifications tab. If you are watching a TV series on Netflix, then you will receive the notification when the new season of that TV series appears on the platform. This is the only job of this new feature, but many people are relieved to see this feature because they were clamoring for it for quite some time. The new version of Netflix is also going to come with performance improvements and bug fixes, thus making it run smoother than before.

Updated ‘Sticky Notes’ app

Besides Netflix app, one more Windows app has received minor updates. The name of the app is ‘Sticky Notes’, and the new update can only be accessed by Windows 10 Insiders. There won’t be much to look forward to on the outside of the app. There is just an improved ‘Trash’ icon, which users can see, but is that something that makes users excited? I guess not. However, this app is quite stable despite the fact that the update doesn’t come with bug fixes or other substantial improvements.

Microsoft has unveiled great features on the 10th Anniversary of Windows 10. A Windows 10 Anniversary update was rolled out that came along with a number of great features and improvements to the users.

One of the most popular apps in Windows, Netflix has garnered a lot of appreciation from Windows 10 users. There were a few roadblocks initially, but it seems like Microsoft was able to fix those. It is important for Netflix users to update the app in order to enjoy the content in a better way. Notification tab is available on many streaming apps but was absent in Netflix, which was making people disappointed because Netflix claims to be the number one streaming app in the world, but the absence of features like ‘Notifications’ tab was adding a question mark to that claim. But, Netflix took a note of all the shortcomings on its platform and started working on the same. All the necessary features are now available in Netflix now, and people can use the app to its full potential.

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