Now Qantas flights passengers can enjoy Netflix, Foxtel and Spotify services

What’s going on Netflix users? Enjoying your favorite entertainment? As we know this popular streaming service needs no introduction, but if you’re new to this amazing service then let us tell Netflix is not less than any streaming platform which lets you watch your favorite entertainments. If you haven’t activated this service then do it today by stepping ahead to Netflix Com Activate.

So if you’re fond of covering long distances by air mode and if you are one of them those who are going to choose Qantas flights as your mode of travelling then you would like to know that Wi-Fi enabled domestic Qantas flights are getting some fine options of entertainment later this month- Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify to be correct- with the rest of the fleet to follow suit ‘from mid-2017’.

Qantas make promise its Wi-Fi is “up to ten minutes rapid than conventional in-flight wi-fi’, means you can easily stream the video and audio, with any obstacle. The service utilizes Sky Muster satellites of NBN. The airline is ‘recently in talks’ to expand Wi-Fi services onto its international and regional (QantasLink) fleets ‘to grow a product that can conquer a number of technical, performance and coverage challenges’- counting Wi-Fi options over big stretches over water.

Well, that’s really good that Foxtel, Netflix, and Spotify will be free (some on a ‘latest customer trial’ basis) for Qantas customers ‘for between 3 days and 30 days after their Qantas flight’. So get ready to fill your Netflix Com Login info in the air.

Qantas’ announcement defines how this works

Foxtel will provide three days free access to its Foxtel every time a user files, permitting users to stream live news, sports, and television shows as well its complete range of on-demand content. You need to fill up the credentials or any subscription. For more information stay tuned to Netflix or you can visit Netflix Help Center for any technical support.

Netflix will provide new users access to the whole Netflix service as part of a 30-day free trial. Those who are using Netflix only need to fill up the credentials to continue you will be charged no extra charges. Before choosing this flight to make sure you’ve activated this streaming service. For more help, you can visit Help.Netflix.Com or contact professionals.

Spotify will provide a 30 day free trial of its Premium music serve, which grips no ads, shuffle play and unlimited skips. Spotify users also need to fill up their credentials to continue.

When you fill up the credentials into the Qantas in-flight Wi-Fi on your device, you will see a landing page with your options. As we as links from where you can access Netflix, Foxtel, and Spotify. You will also see your real-time flight data, hotel, restaurant and option of transport at your destination, the fresh weather and customized information connected to your itinerary and Frequent Flyer account. You can also watch Sky news.

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