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‘Offline’ Viewing Option In Netflix, Highly Demanded By Users

Option In Netflix

Netflix users from long years are demanding ‘offline viewing’ option for their streaming service. It just not sounds well but it will definitely help in increasing the company’s revenue. When more and more people download the show for offline viewing. Let’s discuss what company officials are thinking and what their future plans are. Are they going to introduce this feature in the coming days or not?

Ted Sarandos from Netflix said that the research team is working on this and trying to find out its outcomes for the company. The team is also analyzing whether it is possible to introduce the offline viewing or not. In the latest interview with CNBC, Ted said that they are looking forward to launching this mode but the actual dates are not confirmed yet by the company. You can stay tuned to the Netflix support page for the latest news and notifications.

A couple of years back, Cliff Edward, Director of Corporate Communications at Netflix said that the offline mode is not at all viable and feasible for the Netflix. So, they are not going to introduce it. After the intervention of Looks, the company has started evaluating it again and it is changing the policies and strategies made earlier. Tes, a company executive has also shared his thoughts with the press team in which he said that keeping in mind the behavior and taste of customers towards downloading the content, Netflix is framing the new strategies and policies in order to introduce offline option.

Moreover, it has been seen that the rivals like Amazon, Hulu are already offering the offline option to the customers in the digital market. So, they are capturing the niche through this strategy. Now, Netflix is also planning to come up with the same strategy so as to gain the interest from the users. User satisfaction is the prime objective of each and every streaming service, so it always tries to cater to the needs of the customer in a best possible manner.

Amazon Prime video is offering the offline videos to the Android and iOS device since 2015 and users are deeply motivated with this strategy of a company. They enjoy offline streaming on their devices. The details about it are also available online.

For all subscribers who are living in far-flung areas where the connectivity to the internet is limited, this feature is going to be the boom for them. Furthermore, it will pass up the sweet deals that allow the user to kill their time during free hours when the access to the internet is limited. They can watch videos on any TV or smartphone without any internet. But, they need to download it once from the internet. This program is running successfully in the developed countries like U.S, U.K, and Germany. Netflix is focusing on introducing this feature first in the underdeveloped area but not in countries like the US, and the UK.

So, just wait and see does Netflix really going to meet the demands of customers or not.

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