Pablo Escobar’s brother wants to review Narcos Season 2 before it airs on Netflix

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Popular “Narcos” season 2 is expected to return to Netflix in September but facing delay due to ongoing battle between Pablo’s brother and Netflix as he is seeking $1 billion in compensation.

People are waiting desperately for the release of “Narcos” season 2 but the ongoing battle between Netflix and Roberto Escobar, the brother of late Columbian drug Lord Pablo Escobar has affected the release of the show but stay tuned for the updates of the show on www Netflix com.

The show is based on the life of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. His life is the basis of the show first and second seasons.According to a letter written by Roberto for Netflix, which was published by TMZ, he is one of the survivor and was the member of his brother’s Medellin Cartel. He also said he was Pablo’s accountant.

He simpablo-escobar-of-narcos-netflixcomactivateply wants the opportunity to review the material before it is aired on Netflix TV. In his letter he asked Netflix to abstain from releasing another season of the company’s popular original series “Narcos”.He is also annoyed the way Netflix depicted the life of his brother in “Narcos ” season 1.

He wrote that in the first there were many mistakes, lies and discrepancies. He added that the story that I not only was part of making but also survived from.He added that he be wrong but he doesn’t believe that someone should take profit on my name, my brother’s name and my family’s name unless Netflix take their approval.


Roberto is demanding a huge amount and it is very expensive to bear for Netflix. According to the Newsweek, Escobar is seeking $1 billion in compensation and will take legal action if the amount is not paid.Although Roberto calls his letter friendly request for co-operation. He also told Newsweek, don’t think there will be any more ‘Narcos’ if they don’t talk to him.

Roberto also complained about the “Narcos” start Wagner Moura’s who is portraying Pablo, pointing out the actor is Brazilian not Columbian. He also questioned Moura’s acting skills and his ability to portray drug dealer in realistically.

“Does he have any real experience in acting?” Roberto asked.

Netflix didn’t responded to his comments yet and they remained unclear about how this situation will affect future seasons of “Narcos”.It is still expected that “Narcos” season 2 will be available for streaming on Netflix on Sept. 2. Free Netflix let you enjoy more shows and movies on Netflix which is available on Google stores and Apple stores.