Season 7 Of ‘The 100’ Will Soon Return On Netflix

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The 100’, post-apocalyptic series is going to come up soon with the final and seventh season in 2020 at the CW. So, this post is for all those who are wondering to know the exact schedule for watching ‘The 100’ on Netflix. We have bought a comprehensive guide on the streaming schedule of its final season.

After long years of hardship and teamwork, CW show is developed on the novel series of the identical name which has now entered into its last season i: e, seventh. Everything was going normally till yet, but now there is some twitch ordered by team. They said that Netflix users may not be able to watch the last season of ‘The 100’ as of now but can expect in near future.

If you don’t know about ‘The 100’, then we want to mention here that it is a sci-fi series that showcase the story of 100 kids who return to the Earth planet after finding out that it is uninhabitable.

There is total of 16 episodes in season 7 which are going to start in early 2020.

Let’s discuss the region-wise for when will you able to stream ‘The 100’ on Netflix.

‘The 100 season 7 on Netflix in the US

The users of Netflix in the US will be able to watch ‘The 100 season 7’ right after the series get concluded.

If we see the past two years, the show has begun in April and lasts till the August. The next season takes a week to come up on Netflix then.

Though no exact dates have been announced yet by Netflix we can expect the ‘Season 7 of The 100’ in the mid of August or October 2020.

As the CW has ended the contract with Netflix this year so, all the titles will now be shopped individually. It is also mentioned that the Warner Brothers will distribute and produce the series and can be soon expected to land on HBO Max.

Release schedule of ‘The 100 season 7’ in Netflix original regions

In regions like Canada, Australia, Netherlands and 29 other where originals of Netflix are available, The 100 episodes may see the weekly drop.

In the previous years, it has been seen that each episode takes 6-7 days to arrive in other regions apart from the Netflix original regions. If the same condition is followed this year, then you can expect the season 7 elsewhere in the mid-May 2020.

Dynasty and Black lightning will release the show once concluded. Riverdale, however, will be stuck on weekly schedule. We will revert to you as soon as we get any information related to season 7 of ‘The 100’ from time to time.

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