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Seven Netflix Tricks On PC, Mac, And PlayStation

Netflix Tricks On Mac

Netflix has some tricks that can enable shortcuts and advanced features in Internet browsers on Windows and Mac OS PCs, as well as on PlayStation (Sony). The functions are special for curious users who like to know what happens behind the interface of the tool, or who want to save time while accompanying a TV series or movie streaming online video service.

Check out seven keyboard and control commands for Windows, Mac, and PlayStation, and take full advantage of Netflix. The shortcuts are very simple to do.

  1. Access the metrics

Netflix lets you view basic information such as the length and volume of a video being played back to advanced data such as buffer size, frame rate, the total number of frames displayed and lost, latency, among others. If you need this data, just open any video and enter the SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + Q (Windows) or SHIFT + CTRL + OPTION + Q (Mac) command.

  1. Select the audio and video bitrate

To customize the bit rate in a running video so that the Netflix player is always forced to maintain a pre-set quality, simply access the bit rate selection window. Type the SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + S (Windows) or SHIFT + CTRL + OPTION + S (Mac) command.

  1. View the complete log

Users can also see on Netflix’s screen the history of streaming processes in their browser, from opening windows to running video files, line by line. You can see the exact moment at which, the service gets the license to play the content along with other details. Type SHIFT + CTRL + ALT + L (Windows) or SHIFT + CTRL + OPTION + L (Mac).

  1. Browse between scenes

The Netflix player has a progress bar that helps you to fast forward and rewind whenever you want, but nothing like having a fixed shortcut. Use the left and right arrow keys on Windows or Mac to move 10 seconds forward or backward, making it easy to change scenes.

  1. Adjust the volume

The volume can be adjusted by using dedicated computer keys, but in Netflix, there is another way to enjoy the keyboard: using the up and down arrows (on the Mac, with the OPTION key pressed). Use the command to increase or decrease the sound of a series or movie.

  1. Place in mute

Although it is easy to change the volume with the arrows, it is no easier than putting the video on the mute quickly, either to hear the bell ringing or talking on the phone without pausing the playback. Just type “M” (without quotes) in Windows or Mac to immediately mute the video.

  1. Use a shortcut on the PlayStation

The Netflix app is among the best available for PlayStation and has a very useful shortcut for anyone who likes to watch videos on the console. Hold “Start” while selecting a movie or series from the streaming service catalog to skip the details screen. Thus, it is possible to start reproducing faster, saving time for those who have little patience to wait for the entire website to load.

You should definitely try these tips while watching content on Netflix, as these will make it easier for you to control the platform.

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