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Solve The Netflix Error On Your Android TV Box To Continue Enjoying Subscription

Solve Netflix Error

If you are using an Android TV box to enjoy Netflix subscription, then there are millions of users like you who are doing exactly the same. However, some are not being able to enjoy their favorite Netflix content due to one or multiple Netflix errors. If you are too dealing with one or more Netflix errors, then check out the blog to get a solution for it.

For some time now, Netflix has been hunting boxes that are not certified by their care (i.e., most boxes). As a result, when you want to launch the Android TV Netflix application you get an error message and you cannot take advantage of your service subscription.

We will see some solutions to continue watching the SVOD service programs from the device.

To be able to continue to enjoy the Netlfix services (in FULL HD) on the Mecool box on Android TV a fix has been developed to install manually by having made an update before (maybe the problem will have disappeared). For the other boxes affected it will be necessary to make updates hoping that a patch corrects the problem is to install the classic Android version (smartphone) Netflix application.

  1. Make an update:
    • Go to the settings of your box and click on “about”
    • Then click on update
    • Select OTA update (depending on the box the different menus may be different) to see if an update is available then install it (wait for the end of the installation without disconnecting the box).
  2. Install Android Netflix APK
    • Download Netflix APK for Smartphone
    • Unzip it if you have a zipped file
    • Put it on a USB key
    • Delete the original Netflix application installed on the box and connect the USB key to its box. then using a file manager like File Browser (to download on the play store if not available original) to go into the data of your USB drive then click on the APK and install it (allow sources unknown if not already done).
    • Now the Netflix smartphone application is available on your box (limited in 480p unfortunately and use with a mouse)
  3. Install the fix on Mecool boxes
    • Download the burn key tools patch (download tab – Android – patches)
    • Unzip it if it’s zipped
    • Copy the uncompressed folder to its USB key
    • Connect the USB key to its box and then using a file manager like File Browser (to download on the play store if not available) to go to the data of its USB key then click on the patch ( burn key tools) and then install it and then OK.
    • Go back to the main menu of your box and go to the folder where there are all the applications (Apps) and start Burn Key Tools.
    • Click on “click to burn key”, wait for the message “success” then restart the box.
    • The Netflix app for Android TV is available again (in FULL HD)
  4. Install one of the versions of Netflix present on the store Aptoide TV
    • Download Aptoide TV then copy it to a USB stick or a hard drive if it has been downloaded from your computer
    • Delete the original Netflix application installed on the box and connect its USB key to its box. Then using a file manager (downloadable from the Play Store) go to the folder where the file is located Aptoide TV then click on it to install (allow unknown sources in the box settings if this has not done so already).
    • Start Aptoide TV, type Netflix in the search bar and install one of the versions of Netflix presents (At first try the application without updating to test its smooth operation / if it does not work try others versions / it may be necessary to have a mouse to navigate).

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