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Start Watching ‘Black Mirror’ Bandersnatch On Chromecast Or Apple TV

Black Mirror

Every one on the internet loves to watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix. This is a totally interactive story that lets you select how it unfolds.

You can watch all you like on Netflix using media streaming player like Apple TV, Bandersnatch won’t work. The movies, however, will also not work with the Google’s Chromecast and Fire TV stick. You will get apologize for an email from Netflix.

You don’t need to worry because with the help of some tips and tricks you can watch ‘Black Mirror’: Bandersnatch on devices like Chromecast, Apple TV and Roku.

Try streaming from desktop or laptop: If you are using an Apple TV and want to set up Netflix on it, then you can easily do so by opening the webpage from Mac Book. With the help of mirror display, you can check the message received on the Netflix setup screen while trying to play ‘Bandersnatch’. You can also watch interactive movies even through Apple TV remote

If you are not using Chromecast or fire stick and not sure whether the other things will get displayed on the screen or not, then just mirror the desktop screen on the TV screen. This will allow you to full screen the laptop screen to the TV screen. Try this method before casting directly from any kind of Netflix app.

If you stranded with the smartphone or tablet: Sorry for Apple TV users. Some of the users who are using iPad/iPhone for screening the Netflix app have complained that their app is not working on the iPad screen. But some have shared different problem. They said that you need to click on the screen and select the choices. Click on ‘Introduction without any problems’. When the movie started playing, the only the picture is being displayed on the screen but no sound at all. So, they said that they are unable to watch the content through Screen mirroring option so they are back to the laptop method.

We were also supposing that a show can be watched from Netflix on Chromecast by opening the app. In the same way on Fire TV stick. For Chromecast users, one of the best workarounds is opening the Google home app on the smartphone screen and start screen mirroring option on it. Some of the users have already tested this workaround and they got success.

So, there is no need to waste time on opening on iOS, Don’t be hope that bypassing the app and opening the browser will allow you to watch black mirror. Even we have tried to apply the same on our part but didn’t find success. We were prompted to install the Netflix app on Apple device and when we tried to watch it through the browser, we were asked to download Silverlight plugin on phone in order to watch the interactive movie. The same trick although didn’t work for Android OS based smartphone.

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