Stream these Netflix movies in July

Best in show

Being a user of this popular streaming service, if you want to stream the best movies on your Netflix platform then give a glance at these movies. Time to lift yourself up from the bucket of boredom and make this July interesting and entertaining. Check out these movies; you can stream this July.

Best in Show

If you’re a dog lover, then you don’t want to miss this amazing motion picture. In the movie, you will see the five show dogs’ owners navigate to a national dog show with the team so they can capture each moment of that show. All these owners along with the crew want to capture the behind the scenes. So, if you’re a Netflix users and dog lover, then don’t forget o stream this movie on your Netflix platform.

Punch-Drunk Love

The story line of this movie is amazing; you will see how Barry Egan who holds the frustration in very bad manner makes a call to a sex line so that he can quench the thirst of solitude. Well, he doesn’t know that this step of him will lead him to many problems plus he will also face many big obstacles in his relationship. Now, what next? To know the whole story, you need to stream this movie on your Netflix. If you aren’t part of Netflix then we recommend, step ahead to www Netflix Com Activate and grab the steps of activation.


We all know about this movie, and still, this movie is residing in the hearts of people. No one can forget the story of Jack and Rose. We all know the story of the movie but those who haven’t watched this movie, we will like to tell that in the movie, you will see how Rose meets Jacks and a giant royal ship collides with a large iceberg. Being a user of Netflix, if you need any Netflix Help, then feel free to get in touch with experts.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

In the movie, you will see an ex-scientist Galen Erso who along with his wife and daughter resides on a farm. His life is going peaceful and good but wait, here we can see the entry of vile Orson Krennic, who destroys everything plus takes him far away from his family. Afterward, we can see the Galen as the position of lead engineer of Empire for the strong weapon in a galaxy named the Death Star. To know the full story, you shouldn’t miss streaming this amazing movie on your Netflix.

The Incredible Jessica James

A story of New York’s aspiring playwright named Jessica James, who just broke her recent relationship and get close to a newly divorced man. Let’s see, will her story take a different turn or not? You just to fill your suitable credentials into Netflix Com Login, and stream this motion picture out on your Netflix platform.

The French version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ on Netflix

French version of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

How many of you’re aware of Beauty and the Beast? We all know this well-liked title, originally this movie (animated) was produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1991. So, if this movie comes under your favorite list then you can stream this movie on your favorite streaming platform of Netflix but if you’re thinking this movie is of Emma Watson then you’re wrong. This one is a French version of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et La Bete). You can stream the movie in the original language i.e. French or you can stream the dubbed version of this movie as well. This movie grabbed good appreciation in France. Those who haven’t activated this streaming service then you need to visit Netflix Com Activate so you can activate this service and stream your favorite contents.

That’s quite upsetting that instead of Emma Watson you will see Léa Seydoux. But hey, Léa Seydoux is not less than any princess. Just fill up your credentials into Netflix Com Login and stream this movie and literally, you will love this version as well.

Well, this French version is quite slow if we do the comparison of this movie with modern Disney movie. The director cum writer (Christophe Gans) put proper magic in his version as well, his directions need a salute.  You will get feeling that some beautiful painting on the canvas suddenly got a soul and now painting turns magical in front of you. You will get a royal feel because the lighting, effect, and everything in the movie is displayed very well and in a beautiful manner. This movie is so magical and it feels great when you see everything around you are sorcerous from door to your cutlery set. If you’re already a Netflix user and looking for genuine support or help then you can visit Netflix Help Center or you can simply get in touch with professionals. Check out the soundtracks of La Belle et La Bete below:

  • Air – Suite in F Major HWV 348 – Water Music
  • Feast of the Pheasant
  • Dark History Waltz
  • The Taverne’s Violin
  • Sauras Tu M’Aimer

If you’re a diehard fairytale lover then we recommend you watch this movie and the soundtracks of this movie make the movie more magical and fascinating. The actress of the movie Léa Seydoux, she’s basically from Paris, France.  You will also see her in movies like ‘The Last Mistress’ (2007) and ‘On War’ (2008). She also grabbed the award of promising actors under the grand roof of Cannes Film Festival. Being a user of Netflix if you want any precise technical support then you can visit Help.Netflix.Com or simply contact professionals. For more information and latest updates, stay tuned to Netflix.